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Glaro the Praised Star
By Eli Schoenberg
Genre: Visual Arts Level: Elementary 4-6
Category: Student Examples

Eli Schoenberg?s maskOnce there was a village. In that village there lived a family. That family had two sons. The youngest son's name is Eguck, which means "sun and moon." The other son's name is Elguck, which means "heavenly spirit." Elguck was a grown man.

Elguck was a hunter and liked being one but he didn't like his brother much. Yet his brother on the other hand admired Elguck greatly, as little brothers always do for their big brothers.

One day Elguck was getting ready to go on a hunting trip and Eguck wanted to go too. He asked his parents, but they said, "No, you're too young. Wait till next year."

And every year he asked and every time they would say the same thing. But one year when Eguck was only twelve his parents said, "Okay, you can go just this once, but stay close to Elguck."

Eguck was so excited that when he went hunting with his brother he forgot to take his parka and just took his spring jacket. When Eguck was hunting with his brother it started getting later and dark and Eguck started getting tired. He fell farther and farther behind, but his brother did not wait for him. It was cold and he was lost out on the tundra. He called and called, but he got no answer. But right when he was just losing hope he saw far off in the distance a small yellow figure. As it came closer it grew into a beautiful dog. The dog was like a star straight from heaven, so Eguck named her Glaro, which means "star of praise."

Glaro gave Eguck company, safety and warmth. Eventually, after much sniffing, Glaro gave Eguck Elguck's trail. After a while of searching, Eguck and Glaro finally found that the trail they were following led eastwards towards Eguck's home!!

And from then on, Glaro, the praised star, was Eguck's lifelong companion!!!

The End

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About the Author: Eli Schoenberg attends Willard Bowman Optional Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

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