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The Walrus and the Boy
By Casey Vralsted
Genre: Visual Arts Level: Elementary K-3
Category: Student Examples

Casey Vralsted's maskOnce there was a boy who did not have any friends and people called him lazy. But his Grandma just ignored them because she thought the boy could do a lot more than just be lazy.

One day a look came and gave the boy some powder in a bag. The look said, "Eat a handful every day and you will get stronger!"

So the boy did and he got stronger. Then his Grandma got very hungry. His Grandma asked if he could go and hunt some food.

He went to go and find some food for his Grandma. He saw a walrus but it did not look healthy. So he got some fish and gave it to the walrus. He went back home and said that he did not find any food.

The next day he went back and found the walrus again. But he did not want to kill it. So he left the walrus at the sea.

Then he remembered that he was supposed to bring food home to his hungry Grandma. He went to the creek and caught some fish. The boy brought it home to his Grandma.

When he got home, he gave the fish to his Grandma. She put it on the cutting board and sliced it. When it was dry, she took it off and ate it.

The boy's Grandma thought, "He doesn't always lay around and be lazy. He goes and finds food for me." She was happy. Every day the little boy went back to go and see his new friend the walrus.

The boy went to the seashore to see the walrus. The walrus said, "I am happy that you didn't kill me. You are my friend. I will always give good luck to you so you can give your Grandma food."

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About the Author: Casey Vralsted attends Willard Bowman Optional Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

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