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Seal Talk
By Allen Ream
Genre: Visual Arts Level: Elementary K-3
Category: Student Examples

Allen Ream's maskThere once was an Eskimo tribe that had a very source of food. They had just enough to last them through the very long, long winter. One year all the food was gone, the seals were gone, the fish were gone, and the hardest to find and catch, the whales, were gone. The Eskimo people lived for several weeks on the food they had stored and they sent out their best hunters out every day. But the hunters came back empty handed every time.

One day the hunters saw a seal but it wasn't very big. They didn't care because they hadn't had any food for two days. They snuck up on him and they were about to throw their harpoon when the seal turned his head and said, "Don't throw your harpoon. I will show you where the animals have gone, if you don't kill me."

The hunters were very astonished to hear a seal talk. They got together and whispered for awhile. The hunters finally agreed to follow the seal. They travelled for days and days without eating and sleeping.

Finally the hunters said to the seal, "We have to stop and get some rest." The seal didn't say anything but he stopped and let them sleep.

The next day the seal said, "We must be going! There is a storm coming on and we are two days away from the food."

So two days passed of walking and walking, then the seal said, "Wait here and at dawn the animals will come." Then the seal went away into the distance.

The hunters waited until dawn and sure enough the animals came to the surface. The hunters were so happy!! They took their harpoon and killed 17 seals, 3 whales, and 300 fish. They made seal skin boats, parkas, and baskets. They put the meat in the baskets and the baskets in the boats and went home. When they got home, everyone came out and took the food and had a great big feast!!

The End

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About the Author: Allen Ream attends Willard Bowman Optional Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

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