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The Gods
By Megan Petersen
Genre: Visual Arts Level: Elementary K-3
Category: Student Examples

Megan Petersen's maskOnce in a little village called Shallow River, there were only 50 people. There were two gods that watched over the people. They were the God of Evil and God of Happiness.

One day the God of Evil said..."I do not like how the people are so nice to each other and the animals."

After a time of thinking he decided to send a man of power to destroy all the animals of the village. The God of Happiness heard his plan and tried to stop him but his powers were not enough to stop the god of evil.

The God of Happiness sent a message to the people about what was going to happen. The people also tried to stop the man that the God of Evil had sent down but they also could not defeat him.

They sent a message saying,"Dear beloved God of Happiness, We also could not defeat the man but if we work together we must be able to."

The God of Happiness said he would work with them. The next day the man who was destroying the animals came into the village. The God of Happiness came down in front of the man and said, "Leave now or be destroyed."

The man would not listen. The people chased him out of the village and onto the ice.

The God of Happiness made a crack in the ice right under where the man was standing. The God of Evil tried all of his powers but they were not enough to match the power of happiness. He fell into the ocean and the God of Happiness closed up the crack.

Every one went back to the village happy except the God of Evil.

The God of Evil fell into pieces of ash and blew away because he had tried to help the man that destroyed the animals.

The End

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About the Author: Megan Petersen attends Willard Bowman Optional Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

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