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The Great Snowball
By Jennifer Rinker
Genre: Visual Arts Level: Elementary 4-6
Category: Student Examples

Jennifer Rinker's mask"Papa, can I go outside?" asked Brightstar. "Yes you may," said his father turning to leave the room. Brightstar put on his parka, mukluks and mittens and went outside, but not for long because when he opened the door, whosh! Snow blew in and filled half the room! "Brightstar, where are you?" called his father. He walked into the room. The second he came in, he dove into the snow after his little boy.

"Caw! Caw!" I thought, this was the village of Anaktuvuk Pass, not TUNDRA!" said Raven angrily. "Raven!" called a voice, "over here!"

Eli! Thought Raven when he saw two figures on a snowbank. One smaller, one larger. "Hello," said Raven. "Where is everyone? I thought this was the village of Anaktuvak Pass."

"It was, Brightstar and I dug our way out of the house, " said the man, pointing to the 7-year-old boy next to him. "You DUG," yelled Raven. "Yes, we dug, " said the man, "the snow spirit buried the village."

"Papa?" piped up the boy, "Maybe we should dig the others out."

"Eli! You're right! Let's go!" cried his father.

Brightstar fell to his knees and dug. A few minutes later Brightstar was gone, his father noticed. "Brightstar ! Where are you?"

Brightstar popped up from his hole he had dug. His father rushed over to the hole and he too disappeared down the hole. Up came another man from the hole. He jumped out and reached his hand back down into the hole and pulled out his wife. Brightstar cried out, "The Chief! The Chief!" And it was.

"Thank you," said the chief, "now we will dig everyone out!" And one by one, they dug everyone out.


When everyone was out, Brightstar's father said, "Silly me! that was the smokehole Brightstar dug through!" Then they praised the sun for giving them light and warmth. All of a sudden the snow started to melt and it melted until it disappeared. The people rushed into their houses and had a feast!

The End

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About the Author: Jennifer Rinker attends Willard Bowman Optional Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

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