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The Greedy Hunter
By Zachary Randell
Genre: Visual Arts Level: Elementary 4-6
Category: Student Examples

Zachery Randell's maskOnce there was a man who was a hunter in Alaska. The man wore a necklace to signify his tribe. One day, the man went hunting. He was about to shot a wolf when the wolf said, "Please don't shoot me!"

The hunter said, "Why not?"

"If you do not shoot me, I will take you to a valley where there are thousands of animals," replied the wolf.

"OK," said the hunter thinking of all the animals he could shoot. They traveled for seven days and seven nights through forests, tundra and mountains. Then they came to a cave.

"Be careful," said the wolf. "There is a hideous monster in here."

"Why go in the cave if there is a monster inside?" asked the hunter.

"We have to go through the cave to get to the valley," replied the wolf.

The hunter entered but to his surprise the wolf stayed behind. "Why aren't you com-..." SLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mouth of the cave slammed shut!

"You tricked me!" yelled the hunter.

Horrified, the hunter decided to look around the cave when suddenly a terrible drooling scaly monster came into view. The hunter quickly drew his bow and fired, but it didn't hurt the monster. He used all his arrows before he got quickly devoured by the monster.

The hunter became a spirit and rose from the belly of the monster. His spirit ran free. "I've got to get out of here," said the hunter's spirit. The spirit realized he could travel through walls. He passed through the entrance of the cave and was soon in the forest.

An hour later he was back at his camp. The spirit said to the people, "Please help me!"

The people said, "You are not the hunter!"

"Please! I am the hunter that was gone, honest! See, I'll prove it!"

The hunter showed the people the necklace to prove he was the hunter they knew. The people got a magic potion and turned the spirit back into a living hunter.

"I'll never be greedy again," said the hunter to himself.

The End

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About the Author: Zachary Randell attends Willard Bowman Optional Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

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