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The Three Happy Hunters
By David Bacon
Genre: Visual Arts Level: Elementary K-3
Category: Student Examples

David Bacon's maskOne day in Barrow, there was a little Eskimo village that was very poor. They didn't have much food.

Nick, one of the best hunters, went out hunting every day but he never caught any animals. One day Nick went out to the ocean and waited on the ice for six hours.

He finally saw a walrus. He threw his spear but he missed. The walrus ducked his huge head. Nick threw his spear again but it was too late. The walrus was gone. Nick went back to his house and told his wife, Mary, that he had seen a walrus. The next day he went back to the hole in the ice and waited and waited and waited but nothing came up. Nick kept waiting and finally a seal poked his head up through the hole. Nick got out his spear and threw it. The spear hit the seal!

"Yippee!" said Nick. He dragged the seal in his dog sled and went back to his house.

That night the village had a very big feast that lasted three days. The next day Nick, Garren, Eli, and David went hunting for a whale. They went 30 miles in their dog sleds before they stopped. When they stopped at the edge of the ice they saw a whale. They got out their spears and threw them. Garren's spear hit the back of the fin. Nick hit it in the eye and poked it out. David's hit it in the other eye and poked it out. Eli's hit in the back. That night the village had a big feast.

The End

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About the Author: David Bacon attends Willard Bowman Optional Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

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