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What Friends Are For
By Ashley Brain
Genre: Visual Arts Level: Elementary 4-6
Category: Student Examples

Ashley Brain's maskIt's winter and it's time for us caribou to migrate. "Have you heard?" asked Horned Bear. "We're going to migrate to better land where food grows everywhere and water runs right by where we sleep."

"Mom, is this true?"

"Yes, it is, Black Snowflake. Winter is coming and our food lichen will be scarce."

The next day the herd set off on their migration. Their leader, Tough Whale, led them to a river.

"We must cross this river."

As he said the herd crossed. As they did, little did they know that it was the Yukon River. Also that it was one mile wide. As they were crossing Black Snowflake realized that suddenly she lost her concentration and was being washed away.

"HELLLP!" she cried. But nobody heard her because of the noise of the rushing water. (About one minute later everything went black.)

When the herd had crossed the river Running Deer looked for her daughter but she was nowhere in sight.

About two miles downstream...

"What.. wha.. what happened?"

"Well, my friends found you and brought you ashore."

"Who are you?"

"Well, my friends are river otters. Their names are Swift, River and Beach. My name is Snow. I am an arctic fox."

Black Snowflake explained her story of why her caribou herd were migrating. How their leader led them to a river and how she couldn't get across. She also talked about how she missed Horned Bear, her friend and her mom.

"Don't worry, Black Snowflake, my other friends, the owl, bear, moose and musk oxen will help you find your herd."

"Well that is very nice of you and your friends to help me."

Snow and Black Snowflake went to find Horny the great horned owl. They went through the spruce tree forest and finally in the center of the forest they saw the biggest tree in the forest.

"Helloooo up there," howled Snow.

"Why hello there Snow. How may I help?"

"Well this caribou is lost and you might be able to get her to Growl the grizzly."

"That I can do," answered Horny. "I will fly. You will follow. Oh, by the way, what is your name?"

"Black Snowflake."

As Horny flew and Black Snowflake followed they met some rather hyper rabbits name Hipp, Hopp and Bigfoot. They went into the mountains, and on the side of one of the many cliffs they found Growl's den.

"Helloooo." Horny's voice echoed through the cave.

"Grrrr," was the answer that came out.

"Uhh ppplease, don't eat me. I'm Horny, your bud."

"Well, if it's you come in."

"My friend Black Snowflake needs a little help."

"Well there is a little problem. My wife left and I have to watch Claws and Jaws. You might ask Hoof the moose. She lives by the brook."

It took forever to find the brook because of the bushes and shrubs. Since they were very thirsty they went to a book and took a drink. All of a sudden a voice startled them.

"Please don't be afraid."

"Are You Hoof?" asked Horny.

"Yes, how are you? And who sent you?"

"First of all my name is Horny and this is my friend Black Snowflake. Growl sent us, can you help?"

"Well, I am sorry to say but Growl is my worst enemy, so I will send you to Quiviat. She's not far from here."

"Tough Whale, my daughter is missing.!!!"

"Calm down, Running Deer! We will find her."

Horny was tired of flying so he hitched a ride on Black Snowflake's back.

"Whoa? Slow down. I think I see Quiviat."

"Hello are you Quiviat? If you are can you help me?" asked Black Snowflake.

"Yes I am Quiviat and I know where your herd is because I am traveling with them this year. The herd is a few miles down stream. I think you can make it from here."

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you."

As Black Snowflake ran and reared all the way to her herd, Quiviat and Horny thought both of them would migrate with the herd next year.

The End

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About the Author: Ashley Brain attends Willard Bowman Optional Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

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