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Transformation Gone Crazy
By Nasir Siddiqui
Genre: Visual Arts Level: Elementary K-3
Category: Student Examples

Nasir Siddiqui's maskOnce there was a common person that wouldn't share named Rei and was friends with a bear named Snatcher. One day they traveled away from their home town called Zepet. They want to travel away because they want to go to Urkan Tapa.

Soon Rei spotted two feathers and two wolves in the area. Then, Rei told Snatcher to kill the two wolves for food and Rei would get the feathers. So, Snatcher killed the wolves and Rei got the feathers. Rei kept the feathers hidden in a pocket inside his shirt.

Snatcher carried the food on his back, then Snatcher saw five wolves and five feathers. So, Snatcher killed the wolves and Rei got the feathers. Rei kept the feathers in his pocket. Soon they came to the place they wanted to go. They wanted to go to Urkan Tapa and they went to the weapon shop. Rei gave five feathers to the owner and a spear. Then Rei went to the chief. Then the chief told Rei and Snatcher could live in Urkan Tapa if they could get the magic mask from Nue. Rei asked the chief , "What does the Nue look like?" The chief said, "The Nue looks like a beast with three snakes for a tail."

Rei and Snatcher went out of the chief's house. Soon the chief came out and said, "The Nue is helpless if you have a spear." After the chief went in his house, Rei and Snatcher went to the weapon shop again. Rei asked for a bear claw with a place to put in your hand.

The owner said, "Seven feathers."

Rei gave the man seven feathers. Rei got the claw and gave it to Snatcher.

Snatcher put on the claw and they left.

After a while they saw three wolves. One wolf looked odd to Rei. It looked like a four legged beast with three snakes as a tail. It was the Nue!

Rei told Snatcher to kill a wolf and Rei will help. Soon they got one wolf so there was only one wolf and the Nue left. They did the same with the other wolf. When it was dead the Nue whipped Snatcher with each snake. When Snatcher got whipped, Rei hit the Nue with his spear.

The Nue fell to the ground. A flash of golden light came from the Nue's body. After the light went away, the Nue turned into a mask. Rei and Snatcher took the mask to the chief.

The chief told them to wear the mask and wait for five seconds. In five seconds, just like the Nue, there was a golden light! They turned into one person. The mask became the face of the Weretiger, the human bear. He could protect and hunt at the same time.

The chief told them they were the protectors of the village.

The End

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About the Author: Nasir Siddiqui attends Willard Bowman Optional Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

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