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The Bear and the Hunter
By Mike Auleta
Genre: Visual Arts Level: Elementary K-3
Category: Student Examples

Mike Auleta's maskOnce there was a hunter and his wife. They lived is a place that didn't have any trees, brushes or moss on the ground. One day the hunter went hunting because they didn't have that much food. The hunter was scared because if he died during the hunt, his whole family would die. He was in the woods. He heard little bushes moving in the woods. There was a mama bear and two babies. The hunter ran but the bear was gaining on the hunter. Then the hunter fell.

The hunter threw his spear at the bear. The spear was a long stick with a rock tip. The spear hit the mama bear in the stomach. The bear ran a short distance and then fell over. The babies were old enough to hurt little animals and pretty soon they'd be old enough to fight bigger animals. They went to their mom for a little while but they left because she wasn't moving. Then the hunter took the meat home and the hunter and his wife ate the meat. They shared it with everybody. They thanked the bear, talking to her. Thanks for giving up your life so we can survive.

The End

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About the Author: Mike Auleta attends Willard Bowman Optional Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

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