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The Wolf and the Boy
By Marie Ferrell
Genre: Visual Arts Level: Elementary 4-6
Category: Student Examples

Marie Ferrell's maskOnce there was a ten-year-old boy named Sam who lived in Point Hope. He didn't have any food. He couldn't go to the store because it was closed because it was a holiday that day.

Sam went hunting. He got all he needed: a fishing pole, a bag and a knife. He needed all that to go fishing at the lake.

He was walking to the lake because it wasn't that far. On his way, Sam saw a den. He started walking toward the den until he saw a yellow eye open. Sam tiptoed closer and closer until he saw the mother looking straight at him. This was a wolf den.

When Sam sneaked even closer, the mother was scared for the protection of her baby, so she jumped out and attacked him. Sam got out his knife and killed the mother wolf. Sam felt very sad that he'd killed the mother wolf.

Then he remembered the pup. He went to the den, picked up the baby wolf and carried him home. Sam put the pup on his bed and went fishing. He got four small halibuts and then went home.

Sam didn't have any parents because they had died in an airplane crash on the way to see his Grandma. A bad storm had made their plane crash. Sam was brave enough to be alone at home.

When Sam came home with the four fish, he saw the pup scratching on the door. Sam came in, made dinner and shared his fish with the pup.

Sam named the pup Curlie because it was a girl. The next day, Sam and Curlie went outside to play. Then Curlie went to get a ball. Sam threw the ball and Curlie went to go get it.

Sam waited, but Curlie didn't come back. He called her name, "Curlie, Curlie! Curlie, Curlie! Come here, girl!"

Sam heard a loud, "Grrrrrr!" It was a bear. Sam ran into the woods as fast as he could. When he saw Curlie, she was lying on the ground, bleeding.

Sam picked her up and carried her home. By the time they got home, Curlie was dead. Sam started crying. Curlie would still be inside him. He loved her so much that he would never forget her, just like he'd never forget his Mom.

Sam buried Curlie in his front yard. Sam was very sad. He went into his house and went to bed.

The End

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About the Author: Marie Ferrell attends Willard Bowman Optional Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

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