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The Wolf That Set Things Right
By Wil H. Brown
Genre: Visual Arts Level: Elementary 4-6
Category: Student Examples

Wil H. Brown's maskOne day some Eskimos went whaling. They saw their look out signal the hunters. The hunt was on! The umiaks were flying over the waves toward the bowhead whale. The whale rose for air, not knowing it would be death. The spears flew and the whale never swam again.

More umiaks came to help pull the whale. It took an hour to get the giant whale to shore. It took all the people in the village to get the wonderful soon-to-be feast onto the shore. The Eskimos began cutting up the whale. When they cut it open, they released a very evil spirit into the community of Eskimos.

A wolf named Acara woke up from her nap. She had had a wonderful dream about being a pup and romping with her brothers and sisters. She started hunting early that day. She was unusually hungry this morning.

Normally she took a quick romp in the field before she got down to business. She also felt mischievous. She thought she would stop by the Eskimo village just to see what was going on and say hi to the local dogs. But, of course, after she found something to eat.

The spirit in the village was looking for someone with power. Someone who is smart. Someone who had control over the people.

"No, what fun would that be," it thought. "It would be more fun to---nah that wouldn't be practical. But it might be fun." The spirit was arguing with itself. "Well it might be more interesting and surprising to the Eskimos," it thought evilly.

The reason it wanted to control someone is because on its own it could not be seen or heard or feared. But he didn't want to make it too easy. He wanted to have fun.

He eventually decided (if you can call it a he) that he would control a little boy by touch. The way he would do it would be to simply take shape of a little boy. "But what would happen if they found the real little boy," it thought. He decided it didn't matter because he was not going to be very subtle about making trouble in the village.

Acaras' hunger was now satisfied and she wanted to go see the people in the Eskimo village. She knew she couldn't be seen or she would be shot; her fur being so beautiful and all. But her curiosity took over in the end. She was on her way to the village.The spirit wasted no time making chaos. He set fire to the chief's living space and terrorized the village. After two hours he had made the village into a pile of ashes. He basically had the village under control. Some of you may think that a little five year old running around with a torch would be funny. But this was not a normal little boy.

"Just one more mile," Acara thought. Five or ten minutes later she reached the village. She howled in anger that it was destroyed. On of the dogs in the village had escaped from the spirit/boy. Acara went running toward him to ask him what happened in the village.

After Acara heard what happened she ran to the center of all the ashes and howled to the spirit. The spirit appeared and all the people cried out in terror at the sight of the boy who burned down their village.

"Leave this village alone," Acara said in yaps and howls.

"Why?" asked the spirit.

"Because its not right. Burning people's villages is not fun, it's a terrible thing to do. They don't understand that you are just doing this for fun, that is what I assumed the reason was."

"Wolf, your big speech was great but my decision remains the same as it was before."

Acara would not give up. "How do you control the little boy's body?"

"I simply use his hands and feet and other body parts to do what ever I please."

Acara quickly thought of something. "Take my body."


"Take my body in return for never coming near this village again."

"Very well," it said.

"If you are lying you will be pelted with spears."

"Very well," it said again.

Acara was feeling empty inside. Dying couldn't be any worse, but it would be selfish not to sacrifice herself. All the people in the village would be torched if she didn't.

She felt a tingling sensation as evil flowed through her. All of a sudden, she was running away from the village at top speed. The people were very grateful for the wolf that came that day. They even made a mask of the story in honor of the wolf name Acara who had sacrificed her life to save a village of people.

The End

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About the Author: Wil H. Brown attends Willard Bowman Optional Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

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