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The Loon Spirit Helper
By Patrick Johnson
Genre: Visual Arts Level: Elementary 4-6
Category: Student Examples

Patrick Johnson's maskOnce there was a man named Harpqueix who was being very bad, many people hated him because he hunted too many animals and was wasting them. He was doing this to show he had power . He wanted to be ruler of his village. He also killed people.

He set the chief's house on fire by covering the smoke hole and the chief died.

An evil spirit had flown into him and made him go crazy.

If Harpqueix could destroy the village, his good spirit could not be saved and his bad spirit would kill all good spirits and bad spirits would rule, then all people would be evil.

The village people started to pray for the loon spirit. The loon spirit heard the people and felt the spirit was coming to rule. Many evil spirits would haunt the people. There would be darkness forever and all of the animals would get sick and die.

The loon spirit decided that he would try to save Harpqueix's good spirit. The loon spirit started to fly with all his might to save Harpqueix.

The loon suddenly saw a vision of Harpqueix's evil spirit. The vision said, "I will remove all your dots from your back. Each day you will get one back. As soon as there are nine dots, if you haven't saved the man he will rule".

The loon knew the village would be at least eighteen days away. The loon worried he wouldn't be able to save Harpqueix.

Suddenly a miracle happened! The loon grew another pair of wings! Now he could go twice as fast!

He got to Harpqueix's village on the morning of the ninth day. The loon spirit went right to Harpqueix's body and killed the bad spirit. Harpqueix was filled with a really good spirit. He didn't want power anymore. Harpqueix said, "I want a nice peaceful land." Now he only hunted what he needed.

The loon spirit made him chief of his tribe because he was being very nice. Harpqueix helped repair the damage that he did and he was a great chief.

The End

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About the Author: Patrick Johnson attends Willard Bowman Optional Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

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