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The Hunt
By Garren Volper
Genre: Visual Arts Level: Elementary 4-6
Category: Student Examples

Garren Volper's maskOne day in Tigara there was a village, an Eskimo village. It was +65*. "We need food," said David, the village's smallest hunter. "I'll take the crew out. I will get the umiaks ready," said David.

One by one the hunters got in. Nick, Garren, Eli, David and Jamie. Nick, Garren, Eli and David are the village's best hunters. They were traveling for three days. Finally they got to where they wanted to be, where seals were swimming. A seal popped out of the water. Jamie threw a spear and missed. He tried again and again and again! They ran out of spears. You've got bad aim," said Nick.

"You, You", (I don't speak his language so I can't write it down), said Garren. "That means you have very bad aim!"

"You're off the hunt. This is not cool!" said Eli.

They went ashore, put up camp and camped overnight there. "We need to go back to the village," said David.

Nick, David, Eli and Garren headed back to the village, but left Jamie stranded in his tent.

Three days later the village was asleep when they arrived. "I will get the spears," said Nick. He came back with 16 spears. This time they brought Dylan with them.

"We are back on track," said Garren.

This time they got there in two days. They saw the biggest seal they had ever seen! It was 22 feet long. Nick threw a spear at it. It was a hit. The seal did not die. Garren tried to hit it with a spear. It did not die. Dylan tried to spear the seal and it did not die. Eli tried. The spear hit right in the back of the seal's head. David tried a wack at it to make sure the seal was dead. It died.

Dylan shot his bow and arrow and hit a rock and the arrow ricocheted into a tree 78 feet away from it!

David did the same things, so Nick shot it in the head and put in a sack! Meanwhile, a moose came and everybody shot it four times. It was a mad bull. It was injured badly. Garren shot it and it died.

The hunters got back in December. It was Nick's birthday this time. The whole village had a party because of the successful hunt and because of Nick's birthday. It lasted for two weeks!

Four months later Jamie returned to the village. He had figured out how to hunt and eat small animals-but he still couldn't hit a target 2 feet away from him.

The End

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About the Author: Garren Volper attends Willard Bowman Optional Elementary in Anchorage, AK.

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