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Narrative and Healing

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Here is a collection of healing narratives that demonstrate the therapeutic properties of writing and telling stories. If you have written or use healing narratives, you can share them with us through our Submissions page.
Itchy Head
Christyn Luu describes the sensations she experienced after removal of a brain tumor at age 10.

Poetry and Healing (2 pages)
Ted Kooser, Pulitzer Prize winner and Poet Laureate of the United States from 2004 to 2006, recounts his experience with cancer and its interplay with his life as a poet.

Memories and the Solace of Stories
Poet Gary A. Holthaus discusses the healing effect of turning memories into stories. His poem "Air Search: Naknek, Alaska, January, 1965" is included.

How My Dog Died
In a third-grade writing assignment, Brennan Zelener recalls the night his dog died.

The Final Night
In a tenth-grade essay on a "challenging life experience," Kelli Donovan writes about the night her father died.

Medication and Me - An Essay on Depression
In this essay, Heather Villars explores her experiences with depresssion.

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