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Flat Stanley Visits Fairbanks, Alaska: A Week in the Life of a Librarian  -  Day Seven
By Georgine Olson « Prev   Page 8 of 8  


Today (Monday) was another stay-at-home-day, but Stanley and I tried to do all the things we put off yesterday!

Stanley shows off his new Fairbanks Library T-Shirt.
Stanley now has THREE Fairbanks library T-shirts. He’ll be wearing his favorite for the trip home to you. There is also a library T-shirt for you. Normally I only give them to people who actually visit me here in Fairbanks, but Stanley convinced me that you are special enough for me to bend the rule! The dog sled logo on the shirts is licensed to the library’s staff association, which means no one else can use it without our permission. Bill Berry drew it for the library to use. Remember that the name of the library’s children’s room is the Berry Room? It’s the same “Berry.” He also created the huge Alaskan Fairy Tale mural that is in the Berry Room. I’m sending you a postcard of the mural, and one of the photos shows Stanley standing in front of the mural.

We took some pictures of Stanley doing stuff around my house and there is one of him on the deck near the thermometer, so you can see what the weather is like here right now. I’m also sending you a picture I took from the deck last fall of two moose (a Mom and her “teenager”) eating my wildflower meadow! It’s too bad that they did not come around while Stanley was here; he would have liked to be close to some real moose!

The postcard of the mural.

I took pictures of Stanley with some of my favorite things like the books your Mom gave me before she married your Dad, the plants that make my home a little bit green even during our long winters, my doll collection, and my fairy “garden.” I hope they help you feel like you visited me along with Stanley.

Stanley poses with the Berry Room's mural.
I forgot to tell you that Stanley chose a book for you when we were at Gulliver’s on Friday. It is the Alaska Almanac, and has lots of interesting facts and information about Alaska. Maybe your Mom and Dad would like to take a look at it, too, before their trip up here.

I’m also sending you two copies of my business card. One is “special” because it is full of L.C.’s teeth marks. Sometimes I use business cards as bookmarks, and L.C. snatches them from the book just the way she takes anything I try to use as a bookmark.

We worked on organizing Stanley’s going-home package. I hope to mail it to you tomorrow, but it depends on whether or not the second roll of Stanley pictures is ready before I go to work.

Thank you for sending Stanley to visit me. He has been a fun houseguest.

Georgine Olson

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