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Flat Stanley Visits Fairbanks, Alaska: A Week in the Life of a Librarian  -  Day Five
By Georgine Olson « Prev   Page 6 of 8   Next »


Flat Stanley had another pretty busy day.

On the way to work this morning we dropped off a roll of film with pictures of Stanley’s adventures at the store to be developed. They will be ready when I go home tonight.

Stanley rides the book cart out to Goldstream Valley.
Stanley went out with the Outreach Services Van today. It was mini library day for the mining town of Ester and for the Goldstream Valley, where a lot of dog mushers live. In Ester, we set up the mini-library in the meeting room of the fire station. Stanley had his picture taken on the fire truck. He thought that was pretty cool! I’m not sure what happened later, but there are six or seven new pictures in the camera, so we’ll find out when that film is developed.

I finally remembered to ask someone to take a picture of me with Stanley. It is in the staff lunchroom, and I’m reading a book just like I always do after lunch.

Later we were at the Reference Desk, and a lady wanted to print a color picture of a rainforest from an Internet Web page. I couldn’t remember which printer at the Reference Desk was the color printer, so I tested both printers by printing a book cover from I’ll send you the printout. It’s for a book called Scary Fairies, by Dugald Steer. It’s a silly story about the tricky fairies who live in the garden and like to scare you. The pictures are lots of fun especially the images hidden in the hologram parts of the book. You might want to see if your library has a copy to look at. We also printed off the first part of the library’s Web page. I’ll send you that, too.

Stanley tries out the fire truck.
Just before we came home, I remembered that I wanted to make a T-shirt for Stanley with the library’s logo on it. Since Stanley is rather small, his shirts can only have the small logo on them. Stanley chose the colors he liked, and we got everything ready so I can make him some shirts tomorrow when we are home all day.

After work, we went to the store to pick up the pictures from the first roll of film. You are really going to like them!

We had to put gas in my car, too. It costs $1.63 a gallon in Fairbanks. How much does gasoline cost where you live?

That’s it for today. I have to empty the dishwasher and fold some laundry, but I don’t think Stanley will be much help. He is looking out the window (even though it is almost dark) and hoping to see moose in the yard. There were some fresh moose tracks in the snow in front of the deck, but I haven’t actually seen moose in the yard since Christmas time...

Take care,

Georgine Olson

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