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Flat Stanley Visits Fairbanks, Alaska: A Week in the Life of a Librarian  -  Day Two
By Georgine Olson « Prev   Page 3 of 8   Next »

Hi Kendall,

Flat Stanley had a busy day today.

First, my car wouldn’t start this morning, and Stanley got to watch my son-in-law push it out of the garage and jump-start it. It seems that a door did not close all the way when I got home last night, and the car battery wore down.

Stanley helps play computer solitaire.
Next, Stanley watched when my son-in-law came back to the house fifteen minutes later to pull my car out of a snow bank on the side of my driveway. The reason the car was in the snow bank is too embarrassing a story for me to tell you.

My son-in-law is a very nice man. Stanley and I will have to bake him some brownies this weekend to say thank you.

Then Stanley and I took the car to the repair shop for them to make sure the battery is OK. We got to look at a new chartreuse green Volkswagen “bug” and a bright shiny red antique 1968 Chevrolet in the automobile showroom. I should have taken Stanley’s picture with the cars, but I forgot.

When we finally got to the library where I work, Stanley needed a break, so he “helped” one of the librarians play computer solitaire during her coffee break. We took a picture of Stanley playing solitaire. I hope it is an OK picture. The computer screen was very shiny...

Some kids introduce Stanley to the turtle who lives in the Berry Room at the library.
Since I had lots of paperwork to do today, the children’s librarian asked if Stanley could spend the day with her in the Berry Room (that is the name of our children’s library). Stanley was busy visiting with children in the library when I left to pick up my car, so I let him stay. The camera was with him all day long. I hope he remembered to take pictures of his adventures. I know there was a story time for little children this morning, and there were lots of children looking for books to read for book reports. I wonder if Stanley helped the librarians?

The children’s librarian invited Stanley to sleep at her house tonight. Stanley was very excited when he learned that her house is a log cabin, so I let him go home with her. I hope that is OK with you. He really wanted to have a sleepover in a log cabin. I hope the librarian’s cat doesn’t sleep on top of Stanley. It is a VERY big cat. Flat Stanley could get even flatter than he is now!

That’s all I have to report on for today.

Good night, Kendall.

Georgine Olson

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