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Flat Stanley Visits Fairbanks, Alaska: A Week in the Life of a Librarian  -  Day One
By Georgine Olson « Prev   Page 2 of 8   Next »


Flat Stanley arrived in my mailbox today. He survived the trip to Alaska in fine shape, but I’ve put him in a stiff, clear envelope to protect him while he wanders around Fairbanks with me this week. He insisted that the envelope be clear, so he could see everything around him. He was a little embarrassed that the envelope is clear on both sides, because that means that everyone can see his insides and his nice, big heart, too -- but he’s gotten used to the envelope.

Stanley hangs out near Georgine's computer.
The first place we went today was Judie Gumm’s jewelry store in the town of Ester. We went to buy a ring for Paula Danziger, the author who writes the Amber Brown books. It’s a special ring Judie Gumm designed called “The Reader” which has an elf lying on his tummy reading a book and there’s a golden butterfly sitting right on the elf s fanny, but I guess he’s so busy reading the book that he doesn’t even notice the butterfly! Paula Danziger bought a Reader ring when she was in Alaska more than 15 years ago. She has been wearing it whenever she visits libraries and schools ever since then. But a few weeks ago, someone tried to steal the ring and it broke. Last week I met Paula Danziger while we were both at the Public Library Association Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. She was VERY excited to see someone from Fairbanks and asked me to try to find her another Reader ring. So, today Stanley and I went to Judie Gumm’s store. There were only three Reader rings left, but I bought one! When I go to the Post Office next week to mail Stanley back to you, I’ll mail the ring to Paula Danziger. There will be two special packages leaving Fairbanks that day!

Later Stanley went to a budget meeting with me. I think he was bored, but the budget is very important because that’s how the Fairbanks North Star Borough plans how much money the library will get for the next year. Right now, everyone wants to save money, so we have to work hard to convince the Borough Assembly (the people who decide how the money is divided up for schools, the library, the parks, etc.) to give us the money we need to make sure we have the best library possible.

Stanley points out where Fairbanks is on the map of Alaska.
Then I had dinner, and Stanley waited patiently.

After dinner, we went to work at the Reference Desk. It was really busy. Lots of people were working on their taxes and reports for school. A group of people came for a computer class and others came for a book discussion. One of the librarians asked if Stanley wanted to go out with the library Van Delivery Services to see what they do. He thinks that would be fun, so I’ll make arrangements for him to one day this week.

O.K., Stanley says that this report is long enough for today. He’s probably right. Good Night!

From Stanley’s Friend in Alaska,

Georgine Olson

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