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Flat Stanley Visits Fairbanks, Alaska: A Week in the Life of a Librarian  -  Day Three
By Georgine Olson « Prev   Page 4 of 8   Next »


Well, Stanley started off today by scaring the Children’s Librarian and some of the other people who work at the library. They thought he had either been kidnapped or had run away, but it seems he was only hiding.

Stanley shows off his hiding spot on the file cabinet.
Remember, I wrote you that I had put him in a heavy clear plastic envelope to keep him safe? Well, the Children’s Librarian put her book bag and coat on a book cart. She thought Stanley was IN the book bag, but he must have been NEXT TO the book bag, because when she got to her office with her coat and book bag, Stanley WAS NOT in the book bag!

The Children’s Librarian took everything out of her book bag and looked through all the books page by page. Then she looked all over her office AND the office where she got the book cart. NO STANLEY!

Pretty soon all sorts of people were looking all over the library for Stanley. Thank goodness the library was still closed, because it must have looked pretty silly for a bunch of grown-up men and women to be looking all over the library for Flat Stanley.

Well, the Children’s Librarian finally found Stanley -- sticking against the side of the file cabinet NEXT to the book cart. He must have fallen (or jumped) off the cart, but instead of ending up on the floor, the static of the plastic envelope made Stanley stick to the metal of the file cabinet. WHEW! Everyone was glad that Stanley was found before I arrived at the library, and I was very glad, too.

Even after that adventure with the Children’s Librarian, Stanley decided to help out with the Parents and Two’s Storytime, which is for Mommies and children who are two years old. I understand he had his picture taken there, and I heard something about his climbing or hanging from a balloon. It will be very interesting to see what pictures we get when the film in the camera is developed.

Later Stanley helped me at the Reference Desk. Mostly he smiled at people.

Stanley takes a hot air balloon ride in the library.
I stopped off at the store on the way home to pick up some things I needed. Stanley did not want to come into the store, which was too bad because I met Elyse Guttenberg in the book section of the store. She is an author who writes adult fantasy fiction. It’s too bad, if Stanley had come with me, I could have taken his picture with an Alaskan author...

So when I got home, Stanley was sulking a little bit and waving his arm around (that’s the arm you had to fold so Stanley would fit in the envelope). It was a mistake for Stanley to wave his arm like that because I have a young cat named L.C. who is fascinated by things that wave or stick out. She will pull bookmarks out of books while I am reading them! She will pull ribbons off packages and take sugar packets out of the sugar bowl. You would be amazed at the number of flat things in my house that have little teeth marks in them.

Luckily, I got to Stanley when L.C. was pawing him gently, which is what she does just before she snatches something in her teeth and runs away with it. I popped him back into his plastic envelope as fast as I could. He’s decided to sleep in that envelope tonight, which I think is a good idea, don’t you?

I hope tomorrow is not QUITE as exciting as today!

Georgine Olson

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