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There Are Stories Here: Heritage Library Museum  -  Heritage Library Museum School Tour Programs
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We would like to introduce you to the Heritage Library Museum, Wells Fargo’s collection devoted Alaska’s history and culture. Included in the collection are artifacts from the state’s Native cultures, paintings by Alaska’s artists, and a collection of over 2,000 books on Alaskan subjects.

Doll, dance fan, baskets and spoon.

Located on the first floor of Wells Fargo’s Alaska headquarters at Northern Lights and C streets, the museum is easily accessible by car or bus. Admission is always free, as is parking in the bank’s customer lot.

The Heritage Library Museum has a number of tour formats available, but our curator is always willing to work with you in creating an experience to enhance your classroom activities. We encourage you to challenge us! To schedule a tour, call the Anchorage School District’s Community Resource department (742-4148), or contact the curator directly to discuss your plans.

Stop by any time to preview the collection or meet our curator. The Heritage Library Museum is open from noon to 4, Monday though Friday. Tours can be scheduled for any time during the day.

Curator, Gail Hollinger
Phone; 265-2834

Here are brief descriptions of our favorite tours:

Exploring Alaska’s Native Cultures
 Hands-on Collection
Active Learning
This is a favorite with students and teachers. Following a brief tour of our extensive Alaska Native collection, our hands-on collection items are used in an interactive trading game tying in concepts of geography, language, natural resources and material culture. The game is followed by a directed free-time activity allowing opportunities for independent learning. Longer visits include an art activity. This tour is an outstanding way to wrap-up your Natives of Alaska classroom curriculum.

Technical Writing
This is an exciting, day-long tour, so bring your lunch! In the morning students join the curator for a short introductory tour of the collection. Then, after being introduced to the concepts of technical writing, the students select an object and write a technical report about it, including a drawing. During lunch, copies are made of each page and in the afternoon, each student constructs a book including everyone’s writing.

Visual Thinking strategies
Small group project
Encouraging an awareness of the visual arts with guided, open-ended questions is the focus of this tour. After exploring three or four paintings in depth with the curator, students work in small groups to develop their own understanding of a particular painting, exploring new ways of looking the visual arts and reporting back to the group.

Making comparisons
Finding connections
This tour is designed especially to appeal to our youngest visitors, preschool and kindergarten age. During the tour students discuss the characteristics of clothing worn in the Arctic and compare it to the clothing they wear today. The tour concludes with an opportunity for the students to explore the museum on their own as they draw objects in the collection.

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