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History and Culture

Home  >  History and Culture  >  Ancsa at 30  >  Lecture Series
Read transcripts of the lecture series commemorating the signing of ANCSA.
Lecture Series, Number One (12 pages)
Moderator: Tom Richards; Panelists: Nels Anderson, Jr., Mike Gravel, Joe Upicksoun, C. Robert Zelnick.

Lecture Series, Number Two (14 pages)
Moderator: Tom Richards; Panelists: John Borbridge, Esther Wunnicke, John Havelock, Emil Notti.

Lecture Series, Number Three (13 pages)
Moderator: Tom Richards; Panelists: Sam Kito, Janie Leask, John Shively, Guy Martin.

Lecture Series, Number Four (15 pages)
Moderator: Tom Richards; Panelists: Willie Hensley, Mary Kapsner, E. Lee Gorsuch, William Van Ness.

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