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Learning as You Live  -  Selections from Lang's Geometry Unit
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From Geometry

Geometry Cover
A circle is cool because it goes around and around without stopping. When you want to make different shapes you make a circle with your compass and then, at the same angle, you place your compass point anywhere on the outside of the circle and make a mark where it crosses the circle. Repeat this until you reach the first mark. With a ruler, connect the crosses in the order in which you made them. From this hexagon you can make other shapes, such as triangles and stars of David.

If you look in nature you see many geometric shapes. For example, the trunk of a tree is round like a circle, an amethyst crystal is a hexagon shape, and a mountain has the shape of a triangle. Studying geometry helps us to understand these forms more.

Lily Flower

The petal and the sepal are very similar. If you look at the petal you may see that it fits in the center of the sepal perfectly.

The petal of the flower is yellow with the brown dashes. I realized that all the dashes were in an upward angle to the point of the petal.

The shape of the flower is like the six-sided star we drew to create the flower. Most lilies are based on this shape.



Devil's Club Drawing

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