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Learning as You Live  -  Selections from Eve's Botany Unit
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Botany is Fun

Botany is fun because it is!
There is so much to say:
When it comes to seaweed,
Some fun sushi is great!
And when it comes to moss,
A miniature world is great!
(And just to make it more fun,
A terrarium is great, too!)
Conifers are lovely
When you look at trees.
Mushrooms are pretty, but watch out!
It might be a fly amanita,
Or a hussula emetica,
Or, be careful once again,
It might be a poison pax
But if you look twice as well
You might find a king bolete!
Botany is fun, as I said before.
Because you learn so much about plants.

Botany Cover
Flower Drawing

The Moss Children

Once there was a family of tiny people who lived beneath the mountains in a tiny moss forest. Every day the three little children would play underneath the moss trees. The three older children would go to school each day in a nearby village. Two of the older children were twins.

One day, as the three older children were on their way to school, they got showered on by the spores of a moss. Another day they found a few little mushroom-shaped things. They each picked one and bit into them and found out they were very tasty. So, on their way home, they picked a bunch and the whole family ate them for dinner. Another day, a day that it stormed, they found some berries and got their faces all dirty. Of course they could not go to school like that, but they discovered that the moss soaks up the water like a sponge!

So, watch out when you walk on moss because they still live there and always will.

From Botany


Mushrooms are like babies in that they suck nourishment from their mother, the earth, and grow very fast. However, babies have a light within them that awakens and strives upward, while mushrooms hide from the sunlight. Even their domed caps turn downward instead of up like a flower. It is no wonder so many mushrooms are not suited for use by humans.

Mushrooms come out in autumn when the green plants are dying. Mushrooms need moisture and decaying plant material to grow. Green plants, however, transform minerals to living matter and sprout in the spring.

Mushrooms are a type of fungi, as are yeasts, molds, and mildew. In fact, there are over 20,000 different species of fungi on earth. Fungi have spores instead of fruits. Their fruit-like form imitates the fruit of a perfect plant.


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