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Some Poem Excerpts
By Aryeh Lax, age 5
Genre: Poetry

Dinosaur Poem
Dinosaurs, they lived long ago,
Who are these giants? Who can they be?
They roamed the earth before me.

From Flying Horses Poem
On silent wings,
The horse Pegasus flies over me.
I gaze in amazement.
To lift off into the air,

Aryeh's Flying Horse Drawing
On silent wings.
In surprise she swoops down.
She lands right in front of me.
I pet her wings.
She neighs firmly as greeting me.
I climb onto her back.
She lifts off. She is a beautiful horse.
I take her home.
I ask if it's okay if I can keep her as a pet.
My parents say yes.
I keep her. We will always be friends.

From Viking Poems
I speed through time
Like the pen on paper
The angel's wings cut through the air
Like the knife through bread
The angel's wings beat down on the air
Like an ax beating through wood.

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