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Growing Through Writing: Homemade Books  -  More Homemade Books - Greeny and Digger and Their Babies
By Katelyn Barnett « Prev   Page 2 of 3   Next »

Homemade Book by Katelyn, grade 2

Once upon a time, there was a snake named Greeny. The person who owned him was a little girl. Her name was Jean. One day Jean was petting Greeny when Jean's mom said "Phone call!" It was Jean's friend, and this is what Suzanne said: "Jean! I just got a snake! Maybe Greeny would like to play with Digger?"

"That's what you named it?"

"Yes! And it's a she!"

"All right. Maybe they can have babies!"

"Come on!"


Cover Page


Dedication Page

When Suzanne got over to Jean's house it was 2:00. When she called it was a quarter till 2. Jean was delighted! When Greeny saw Digger he was stunned. She was dark green. Right away the two were in love. Day after day they did this. A few weeks later, Digger had five baby snakes! Jean was busy playing with Greeny when her mom said, "Phone call." It was Suzanne.

She said, "Jean! Digger had babies!"

"Oh my gosh! I'll be over in a jiffy!"


When she went out the door, Greeny seemed to say, "Take me with you."


Page 3


Page 4

So she went back through the door and got Greeny. She went to Suzanne's house.

"Oh, so here you are with Greeny too!" she exclaimed.

"Where are they?"

"Over here."

"One, two, three, four, five. Oh! They are so cute. Let's divide them."

Page 5

Page 6

"Good idea."

"There are five. 3+2=5."

"That's an uneven number," Jean said.

"You can have three," Suzanne said, "I only want two."

"OK. I guess that is settled."

"Pick one," Jean said.

"Pick one," Suzanne said.

Page 7

Page 8

"Pick one, Suzanne."

Meanwhile, Digger and Greeny were rejoicing over their children.

"I'm going to name mine," Suzanne said.

"Me too," Jean said, "This one will be Kate," Jean said. "And this one can be Poco. What are you going to name yours?" Jean said.

Greeny Page 9
"Katy and Eggor and Brownie, because he's brown," Suzanne said.

"That's a good name," Jean said.

Suzanne said, "Do you think you can spend the night at my house?"

"Maybe, if I can use your phone?"


"Mom, can I spend the night at Suzanne's house? Yes! I'll be over in a minute. Suzanne, I can, let's go get my stuff!"

And from that day on they are best friends.

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