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A Story and Three Poems
By Janelle Sharp
Genre: Poetry

Qikiqtagruk Story

This is a story from my Taata. When my Taata was a little boy, his Aana told him this story and he told us.

In the original village of Qikiqtagruk (Kotzebue), children and young adults were playing Eskimo football in the fall when the ice wasn't quite frozen. The ice broke and everyone fell in and drowned except for the elders and really young children because they were on land. In the fall when the ice froze over, my Taata would peer in the lake where they fell in and see the bones of the people who fell in.

The Sharp family in the Tea Cup Ride in Disneyland.
Ode To the Blueberries That Stained My Pants

Oh little blueberry that stained my pants.
You make me sad when you do that.
(You make me mad, too.)

Your color is very pretty.
Your colors are green when you're a baby and blue when you're big.

Oh little blueberry why are you so little?
Because if I were big you wouldn't be able to eat me without getting juice all over you.

Oh little blueberry why are you blue?
So you can see where I am so you can pick me.

Oh little blueberry why do you stain?
So that will prove you have picked me.

Oh little blueberry why are there so many of you?
So you can pick me and make pies, muffins, cakes, cookies, milk shakes, pancakes and waffles.

Oh little blueberry why are there two kinds of you?
So you can find me in many places.

Oh little blueberry thanks for giving me lots of kinds of yummy food to eat!

Think of Me As…

Think of me as a book because I like to tell stories
Think of me as a horse running free and as wild as can be
Think of me as a fish swimming through the water
Think of me as a snow leopard leaping through the snow slowly sneaking up on ideas and prancing on them
Think of me as a monkey climbing through the trees
Think of me as a puppy as curious as can be
Think of me as a rabbit eating all my vegetables
Think of me as an eagle watching what's happening
Think of me as a mouse storing stuff away
Think of me as a tree growing every day
Think of me as an owl as wise as can be
Think of me as a snowflake gliding till I fall
But mostly think of me for who I am and I will think and say the same to you.

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