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Emery Valentine, Juneau Pioneer  -  Related Materials
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Visit the Library for More Information:

Alaska's libraries include plenty of audio, visual, and written material about the early days of Juneau and the people who shaped it. Visit your local library or go online to see what's available in holdings all over the state. Take these simple steps:

  1. Access SLED (State Library Electronic Doorway) at
  2. Click on the listing for ALNCat (the Alaska Library Network Catalog) to view the Basic Search window.
    Go to the Keyword field, and type in JUNEAU PIONEERS.

More Reading:

Gastineau Pioneers Book Committee. Gastineau Channel Memories. Volume II, 1880-1967. Juneau, Alaska: Pioneer Book Committee, 2004.

Jefferson, Mary. Alaska Gold Rush Pioneers of Juneau-Douglas Area, 1880-1921: Index to Pioneer Mining Families. Juneau, Alaska: Juneau Pioneers of Alaska, Igloo & Auxiliary No. 6, 2004.

Pioneers of Alaska. Alaska Gold Rush Pioneers of Juneau-Douglas Area, 1880-1921. Juneau, Alaska: Pioneers of Alaska, Igloo & Auxiliary No. 6, 1998.

Rennick, Penny. Juneau: Yesterday and Today. Anchorage, Alaska: Alaska Geographic Society, 2003.

Archival Materials:

Alaska Pioneers' Association Photograph Collection, W. H. Case, 1887-1907. Alaska State Library. Includes 170 black-and-white portraits in collage form. In 1908, W.H. Case, a Juneau photographer, prepared a 45 ft. x 5 ft. photomontage with portraits of 170 Alaskan pioneers, members of the (18)'87 Alaska Pioneers' Association. The original photographs were probably taken by several photographers including Case. It is not known how many photo displays were created. The photographs in this collection were copied from a display at the New York Tavern, a Juneau bar. Other copies of the original display may be found at the Juneau Pioneers' Home, the Alaska State Museum, and the Masonic Temple in Juneau, Alaska. Subjects include Joe Juneau, Richard Harris, Edward deGroff, G. W. Garside, Charles Goldstein, Isadore Goldstein, Belle Goldstein, Solomin Ripinsky, Crystal Snow, Joseph Snow, Monte Snow, Mrs. George Snow, West Waydelich, Ed Cashen, China Joe, Geo. L. Kostrometinoff, Agnes Shattuck, Tibbits, Uren, Emery Valentine, Dan Kennedy, J. P. Jorgenson, George Kyrage "George the Greek," Antone Marks, Mrs. W. H. McBlaine, Richard McCormick, Peter Peterson, Mrs. John Prior (nee Elizabeth Sellers), and James Winn.

Robert N. DeArmond Research Files, 1881-1980. Alaska State Library. Collection includes five boxes of archival material, one scrapbook, and three cassette tapes. Includes primarily magazine and newspaper clippings but also manuscripts, notes, and file card indexes. The collection also includes at taped interview conducted by India Spartz in 1995. Subjects include: aviation, earthquakes, railroads, pelagic sealing, miners' meetings, Sitka Pioneers Home, Cook Inlet Gold Rush, and sealing captains.

James Simpson MacKinnon Photograph Collection, 1895-1910. Alaska State Library. Includes 603 black-and-white photographs. These unidentified portraits, primarily from the Winter & Pond Studios in Juneau, include Tlingit men, women and families and other Juneau-area individuals, families, couples and groups. The prints were made from glass plates donated by J. S. MacKinnon.

Stanley Nowicka Photograph Collection, 1904-1918. Alaska State Library. Includes 296 black-and-white photoprints in one album. Subjects include the Juneau, Ketchikan and Hoonah areas, Governor's Mansion, Fourth of July speeches, the Nowicka brothers, and other snapshots. Bio/History: Stanley Nowicka was born in Detroit and came to Alaska in 1904, where he was a prospector, miner, and painter. He owned and operated the Juneau Hardware and Paint Store (or Juneau Paint Store) from 1918-1956 and was a member of the Alaska Pioneers Association. Two brothers, Joseph (Nowicka) Brown and John Nowicka, also lived in Alaska. Stanley Nowicka died in Seattle January 13, 1968, at age 85. He never married.

Winter and Pond Photograph Collection, Lloyd V. Winter, E. Percy Pond, 1893-1943. Alaska State Library. Collection includes 234 black-and-white photographs, including views of Southeast Alaskan towns and villages, mining in the Juneau goldbelt region, social life, groups, portraits of local and prominent Alaskans, Native Alaskans from the Tlingit, Chilkat, Athabascan, Nulato, and Auk tribes in portraits, ceremonial and traditional activities. There are views of the wreck of the Princess Sophia, Princess May, and Al-Ki.

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Emery Valentine

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