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2001 Poetry Out Loud Results

Castel Treuer

Tyrone Casteel, above, and Bradley Treuer


Individual Winners

  • Jessie Withrow Award for Individual Excellence Matt Iverson, East High School, of "The Trioles"
  • 2nd Place Bradley Treuer, Steller Secondary School, of "Sidereal Voices"
  • 3rd Place Tyrone Casteel, Dimond High School, of "The Magnificent Teabags"


The Trioles

"The Trioles"

The Magnificent Teabags

"The Magnificent Teabags"

Lorca's Orcas

"Lorca's Orcas"

Team Winners

  • 1st Place "The Trioles," East High School
    Members: Matt Iverson, Bethany Boatner, Moriah Edlefson
    Advisor: Doug Blankensop
  • 2nd Place "The Magnificent Teabags," Dimond High School
    Members: Tom Layou, Rick Morrison, Tyrone Casteel
    Advisor: Susan Derrera
  • 3rd Place "Lorca's Orcas," East High School
    Members: Hans Weiland, Rachel Wilcox, Mia Blankensop
    Advisor: Doug Blankensop
  • 4th Place "Sidereal Voices," Steller Secondary School
    Members: Bradley Treuer, Jamie Fortin, Sarah Hanlon
    Advisor: Lisa Wiley

Recent Winning Teams

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