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20th Annual Creative Writing Contest, 2001

Winner: Toby Sullivan, Kodiak, "Leaving Land Behind "

Judges: George Bryson, Kathleen McCoy, Ronald Spatz

Editor's Choice

Winner: Merrick Bochart, Haines, "A Crazy Lady I Thought I Knew "

Open to the Public


Winner: Antara Brewer, Anchorage, "The Clerk"

Honorable Mentions: Michelle Mitton, Anchorage, "The Fields"; Alyson Williams, Anchorage, "Repeat"; Sarah Wolfe, Unalaska, "The Taste of Winter"; Betty Jo Goddard, Anchor Point, "Peacemaker"; Eric Thompson, Anchorage, "Wolverine Whiskey"

Judges: Cynthia Ritchie, Kathleen McCoy, Robert Clark, Mark Dudick


Winner: Susanna Mishler, Anchorage, "Caribou"

Honorable Mentions: Joe Koon, Bethel, "Pastoral"; Mary Langham, Talkeetna, "These are the Men"; Buffy McKay, Anchorage, "The Vanishing Point"; Ethan Fode, Anchorage, "Dawson"

Judges: Peter Porco, Emil Churchin, Sarah Kirk, Jim Kentch, Jackie Carr


Winner: Hai On, Anchorage, "Helicopters"

Honorable Mentions: JoAnn Ross Cunningham, Haines, "Cluck"; Mary Lou R. Vanderburg, Valdez, "In the Crucible of Hard Times"; Porshaa Zorana Jones, Anchorage, "Call Me Black"

Judges: David Hulen, Deb McKinney, Pat Dougherty, Mike Doogan, Mike Dunham



Winner: Amy Meissner, Anchorage, "Canal"

Honorable Mentions: Nan Hallock, Anchorage, "Across the Table"; Chris Kennedy, Anchorage, "A Celebration"; William Schachtel, Anchorage, "The Tornado"

Judges: Doug O'Harra, Joann Congdon


Winner: Heather Villars, Anchorage, "Fearing Cancer (a poem in four parts)"

Honorable Mentions: Heather Villars, Anchorage, "To My Mother: A Love Poem"; Nicholas Rinard, Anchorage, "He was a Great One"

Judges: Susan Morgan, Joann Townsend


Winner: Toby Sullivan, Kodiak, "Leaving Land Behind"

Honorable Mention: Michelle O'Bleness, Anchorage, "Untitled"

Judges: Molly Brown, Tom Mitchell

Grades 10-12


Winner: Nitesh Srivastava, Eagle River, "The Adventures of the Atomic Kung Fu Master"

Honorable Mentions: Erica Rothman, Anchorage, "Dime"; Dylan Smith, Homer, "Elysium"; Sarah Bowerman, Bethel, "Out of the Rabbit Hole"; Kaitlyn Williamson, Anchorage, "Richard"; Rachel Pope, Wasilla, "Shy Girl"

Judges: Rose Cox, Kathleen Macknicki, Frank Gerjevic


Winner: Merrick Bochart, Haines, "A Crazy Lady I Thought I Knew"

Honorable Mentions: Clare Baldwin, Wasilla, "Arrival"; Matthew Iverson, Anchorage, "Old Friends"; JoAnne Pootoogooluk, Shishmaref, "The Whistle Blew"; Sara King, Chugiak, "Untitled"

Judges: Matt Teatmeier, Paula McCarron, Zaz Hollander, Peter Porco, Dave Manning


Winner: Alissa Jocelyn Frye, Homer, "Life Stories"

Honorable Mentions: Moira Sullivan, Anchorage, "Chaos at Midnight"; Rita Glasionov, Anchorage, "Untitled"

Judges: Rosanne Pagano, Ronald Spatz

Grades 7-9


Winner: Danielle Rodgers, Haines ,"The Peculiar Disappearance of the Pocket-Watch"

Honorable Mentions: Mischa Carlson, Anchorage, "Recreation"; Amanda Loshbaugh, Soldotna, "M & M Death Tournament"; Matt Iveson-Dupre, Wasilla, "The Chosen"; Kelly J. Huff, Haines, "The Saga of Barbara Ann"; Kaitlin Vadla, Ninilchik, "A New Dawn"

Judges: MariAnn Moore, Elizabeth Manning, Jane Szabo, Jim Macknicki


Winner: Drew Fossman, Haines, "The Perfect Poem"

Honorable Mentions: Naoko Proctor-Fajen, Anchorage, "Untitled #2"; Naoko Proctor-Fajen, Anchorage, "Garfield St."; Iris Kemp, Haines, "The Teacher"

Judges: Pat Kennish, Sherri Douglas, Vicki Radonich


Winner: Hailey Heinz, Eagle River, "Nature's Teachings"

Honorable Mentions: Hailey Heinz, Eagle River, "How I Conquered my 'Artistic Defect' and So Much More"; Larissa Kozisek, "For the Birds"

Judges: Lisa Carveth, Elizabeth Strode

Grades 4-6


Winner: Erin West, Anchorage, "The Secret of the Fig Tree"

Honorable Mentions: Teddy Fernau, Petersburg, "Bad Day?"; Patrick Johnson, Anchorage, "Platy the Platypus"; Jessica Barry, Anchorage, "On My Own"; Hillary Walker, Anchorage, "Untitled"; Kathlena Kowchee, White Mountain, "The Untold Story"

Judges: Andrea Story, Jeff Silverman, Kathy Johnson, Bob Johnson, Tara Wreyford, Domonique Calhoun


Winner: Erin West, Anchorage, "Into the Chamber 'Til Doomsday"

Honorable Mentions: Andrea Lucille Deuster, Wasilla, "Pirate Days"; Christina Knapp, Anchorage, "Life"; Jessica Radford, Homer, "Remember"; Chantel Lucas, Anchorage,"Suicide"; Pojkia Moua, Anchorage, "Changing"

Judges: Melissa Pringle, Caroline Grabowski


Winner: Emily Kizzia, Homer, "Behind Her 100%"

Honorable Mentions: Meghan Bill, Palmer, "Magic in the Mist"; Ashley Stoddard, Elmendorf AFB, "Holes in the Floor of Heaven"; Alice Carter, Anchorage, "Pickles"; Laura Coulson, Anchorage, "My Woods"

Judges: Mille Spezialy, Kim Holm, Jola Morris, Cheryl Phares, Loretta Braden, Jan O'Meara, Elizabeth Hunter

Grades 3 and Under


Winner: Spencer Bailly, Anchorage, "The Thirty-five Pound Goldfish"

Honorable Mentions: Sarah Merly, Anchorage, "The Lovely Purple Flower"; McKenzie Kruse Smedley, Anchorage, "Sqirmawella"; Tori Best, Anchorage, "The Wishing Star"; Adam Rose-Levy, Anchorage, "The Cemetery"

Judges: Benita Washburn, Rachel Rodriguez, Walter Patterson, Laurie Amidon


Winner: Paige Hinton, Eagle River, "The Wind"

Honorable Mentions: Ian Knapp, Anchorage, "Ian's Moon"; Wade Banta, Anchorage, "Winter Is..."; Scott Michael Munter, Anchorage, "In the Fall at Evening"; Rachael Blurton, Wasilla, "The Magical Dream"; Andrea Villasenor, Anchorage, "Fall"; Mara Crossett, Eagle River, "Everything"; Astrid Watsjold, Anchorage, "As I Walk with You"

Judges: Jola Morris, Kim Holm, Ronald Spatz


Winner: Sarah Rector, Kenai, "My Home Place"

Honorable Mentions: Taylon Shea Nelson, Kotzebue, "Untitled"; Brian Stegall, Anchorage "Somebody I Love"; Heaven Potter, Anchorage, "Fishing with my Family"; Nickelle Raschick, Sitka, "My Pet Annie"; Holly Haney, Palmer, "A Cat Tale"

Judges: Liz Forrer, Pam Crave

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