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19th Annual Creative Writing Contest, 2000
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Winner: Jeanne Bereiter, Anchorage, "Anatomy Lab ."

Editor's Choice

Winner: Julie Drake, Anchorage, "Left Behind ."

Open to the Public


Winner: Goldman Miller, Valdez, "Rabbit."

Honorable Mention: David Abrams, Fort Richardson, "My Father's Heart"; Kimberley Smith Brady, Anchorage, "Moving Up"; Dawn Brunke, Wasilla, "To Catch a Ghost"; Bill Miles, Anchorage, "The Chair Where Sal Died."

Judges: Richard Chiappone, Robert Clark, Joann Congdon, Megan Rust.


Winner: David Abrams, Fort Richardson, "How the Soul Leaves the Body."

Honorable Mention: Mark Muro, Anchorage, "Vacation"; David Kiffer, Ketchikan, "Aides to Navigation"; Jack Campbell, Aniak, "Flatfish"; David Abrams, Fort Richardson, "On Becoming a Jesuit."

Judges: Arlitia Jones, Tom Sexton, Melissa Green, Laurie Evans-Dineen.


Winner: Jeanne Bereiter, Anchorage, "Anatomy Lab."

Honorable Mention: Georgiana Moses, Eagle River, "Food for the Qaygiq -- 1960s."

Judges: Kathleen McCoy, Mike Carey, Mike Doogan



Winner: Martha Panschar, Anchorage (UAA), "Rara Avis."

Honorable Mention: Julie Drake, Anchorage (UAA), "Girls in the Corn"; Clayton Hillhouse, Soldotna (Kenai Peninsula College), "The Peanut Butter Kid."

Judges: Sarah Birdsall, Doug O'Harra.


Winner: Joan Kane, Anchorage (Harvard College), "Pure/Pour/A Priori."

Honorable Mention: Brooke Schafer, Sitka (Westminster College), "Leopold, to Father"; Joan Kane, "Anchorage (Harvard College), "Transparency"; Jill Osier, Fairbanks (UAF), "Infidelity, or If You Thought the River Blessed You."

Judges: Michael Catoggio, Greg Lottridge.


Winner: Julie Drake, Anchorage (UAA), "Left Behind."

Honorable Mention: Mara Cramer, Tok (Kalamazoo College), "A Morning Walk"; Allen Janz, Anchorage (UAA), "Thanksgiving on the Road"; William Edwards, Anchorage (UAA), "Love Letter to America."

Judges: Frank Gerjevic, Heather Lende.

Grades 10-12


Winner: Coire Langham, Talkeetna (Su Valley High), "Home Gringo Home."

Honorable Mention: Magdi Jacobs, Anchorage (Steller Secondary), "Fire"; Mercedes Piedra, (Mt. Edgecumbe), "Chicken of the Sea"; Anastasia Connolly, Craig (Craig High), "Writer's Block."

Judges: Mark Dudick, Mike Dunham.


Winner: Kristoffer Saebo, Anchorage (Interlochen Center for the Arts), "Sinking Frogs."

Honorable Mention: Clare Baldwin, Wasilla (Colony High), "An Assignment in the Sahara, Summer, 1964"; Erin Flynn, Anchorage (Dimond High), "Of My Father."

Judges: Peter Porco, Susan Morgan, Sonya Senkowsky, Wesley Loy


Winner: Erin Flynn, Anchorage (Dimond High), "Radioactivity."

Honorable Mention: Lauren Froeschle, Anchorage (East High), "Veggie"; Erin Flynn, Anchorage (Dimond High), "Constellations."

Judges: Terry Carr, Warren Rhodes

Grades 7-9


Winner: Marie Stoner, Wasilla (Colony High), "Master Coach Inn."

Honorable Mention: Ashley Gravelle, Kenai (Alaska Star Academy), "Statue of Beauty"; Nicole Beier, Homer (Homer Middle School), "Home."

Judges: Melissa DeVaughn, Mark Dent, Ben Spiess, Rose Shinohara, Donna Freedman


Winner: : Maile Bruns, Anchorage (East High), "Goddess of the Floor."

Honorable Mention: Terri Anderson, Anchorage (Dimond High), "An Evening to Remember."

Judges: Shari Douglas, Patricia Kennish, Vicki Radonich.


Winner: : Moira Sullivan, Anchorage (West High), "First Love."

Honorable Mention: Woody Litman, Sitka (Sitka High), "Victory"; Christina Indahl, Anchorage (Dimond High), "Scars"; Jonathon Stralka, Anchorage (Dimond High), "Swift and Silent."

Judges: Liz Ruskin, Doyle Woody, Elizabeth Manning

Grades 4-6


Winner: Will Kornmuller, Willow (Willow Elementary), "Swimmer the Salmon."

Honorable Mention:Savanna Bradley, Homer (West Homer Elementary), "The Leader"; Marie Dorris, Kalskag (Joseph & Olinga Gregory School), "Why the Fox is Orange"; Kaitlin Simenson, Eagle River (Homestead Elementary), "Goodbye, Missouri"; Molly Colleen McIssac, Soldotna (home school), "A Ride Through the Woods"; Rochelle Jackson, Anchorage (Bowman Elementary), "Coretta Boyd."

Judges: Karen Aho, Paula Dobbyn, Molly Brown, Cathy Janvrin, Rose Cox.


Winner: : Raelena Smith, Mekkoryuk (Mekoryuk School), "In My Dream."

Honorable Mention: Tryston Rachelle Laseter, Palmer (Pioneer Peak Elementary), "Rain Is Falling"; Marvin Evan, Kalskag (Joseph & Olinga Gregory School), "Space Jam"; Meghan Bill, Palmer (Pioneer Peak Elementary), "Silence"; Kimberly Alcorn, Anchorage (Kincaid Elementary), "Jimmy's Frog."

Judges: Bethany Dekay, Erik Hill, Gene Gilbert, Julia O'Malley


Winner: David Hansen, Anchorage (Chugach Optional), "A Usual Hike in Alaska."

Honorable Mention: Ida Nicolai, Kalskag (Joseph & Olinga Gregory School), "Fish Camp"; Chad Morgan and Arnold Peteroff, Kalskag (Joseph & Olinga Gregory School), " True Moose Tale"; Hannah Harrison, Homer (West Homer Elementary), "The Angel"; Michelle Craig, Anchor Point (Chapman Elementary), "The Kenai Lake."

Judges: Leon Unruh, Lisa Demer

Grades 3-Under


Winner: Christeena Solomon, Wasilla (Tanaina Elementary), "Blue Juice."

Honorable Mentions: Isaac Sanger, Anchorage (Village Charter School), "My Little Sister"; Andrea Chaudhary, Ketchikan (Valley Park Elementary), "The Fog."

Judges: Peter Dunlap-Shohl, Martha Upicksoun.


Winner: Christina Knapp, Anchorage (Chugach Optional), "My Blanket."

Honorable Mention: Randi Collins, Chugiak (IDEA School), "Flag Poem"; Caroline Norton, Fort Richardson (Village Charter School), "Caroline the Ladybug"; Bailey Webb, Ketchikan (Valley Park Elementary), "Dreaming"; Megan Webb, Anchorage (Northern Lights ABC), "Ribbon."

Judges: Kim Holm, Jola Morris, Lacey Morris.


Winner: Molly Graves, Kenai (Sears Elementary), "From the Tail of a Skunk."

Honorable Mention: Nicki Jordan, Anchorage (home school), "My Sister Is Always on the Internet"; Stephen Simeon, Aniak (Auntie Mary Nicoli Elementary), "When I Caught My First Caribou."

Judges: Asta Corley, George Bryson

Grand Prize Judges: Kathleen McCoy, Ronald Spatz, George Bryson

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