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18th Annual Creative Writing Contest, 1999
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Winner: Susan Alexander Dererra , Anchorage, 'Vow .'

Editor's Choice

Winner: Cinthia Ritchie, Anchorage, 'Merry Me .'

Open to the Public


Winner: Mark Stafford, Anchorage, 'Messenger.'

Honorable Mention: Joyce Bamberger, Anchorage, 'Chapter 1'; Dawn Baumann Brunke, Wasilla, 'When Sam and Nina Won the Lottery'; Lucy Collins, Anchorage, 'Jackson's Story'; Mary Alice Cook, Eagle River, 'A Pair of Queens'; Marlene Elrod, Anchorage, 'Legendary Day'; Jackie Sparrow, Anchorage, 'White Women.'

Judges: Richard Chiappone, Joann Congdon, Nancy Lord, Megan Rust.


Winner: Deborah Tobola, Anchorage, 'Persephone Comes Home.'

Honorable Mention: Sharon Ann Jaeger, Anchorage, 'Lookout at Giant Mountain'; Page Isom, Anchorage, 'Shoo Fly'; Georgiana Doyle, Anchorage, 'Cutting Fish with Grandma and Mom'; Julie Drake, Anchorage, 'Cathedral.'

Judges: Laurie Evans-Dinneen, Melissa Green, Arlitia Jones, Tom Sexton.


Winner: Jeff Benowitz, Fairbanks, 'Dead Man's Stuff.'

Honorable Mention: Nancy Wrocklage, Anchorage, 'Baby Bird'; Jeff Benowitz, Fairbanks, 'The Way'; Lynn Hallquist, Anchorage, 'A New Term Up Close.'

Judges: Debbie McKinney, Mike Dunham, Larry Campbell, Michael Cardenaz.



Winner: Cinthia Ritchie, Anchorage (UAA), 'Merry Me.'

Honorable Mention: Luke Donkersloot, Naknek (University of Montana, Missoula), 'Walking the Line'; Marilyn Wheeless, Kenai (Kenai Peninsula College), 'Mail Order Bride'; Meng Xiao, Anchorage (UAA), 'Grandfather's Garden'; Stacy Lynn Smith, Eagle River (UAA), 'Moon Dog.'

Judges: Sarah Birdsall, Doug O'Harra.


Winner: Susan Alexander Dererra, Anchorage (UAA), 'Vow.'

Honorable Mention: Dawn Reeder, Anchorage (UAA), 'When You Were A Little Girl'; Julie Rae McElroy-Brown, Anchorage (UAA), 'Sea Lion'; Teresa Sundmark, Homer (UAA, Kachemak Bay campus), 'Uncle Carl'; Abigail Freedman, Anchorage (University of Washington), 'Post-ICU'; Susan Alexander Dererra, Anchorage (UAA), 'The Three-Year-Old Prepares for Bed'; Dawn Reeder, Anchorage (UAA), 'A Chat With the Bachelor Next Door.'

Judges: George Bryson, Michael Catoggio, Kathleen McCoy.


Winner: Judith Lindenfelser, Chugiak (UAA), 'Visitations.'

Honorable Mention: Luke Donkersloot, Naknek (University of Montana, Missoula), 'Graveyard Life'; Dawn Reeder, Anchorage (UAA), 'Report: Swimmer Under Ice.'

Judges: Frank Gerjevic, Heather Lende.

Grades 10-12


Winner: Sarah Teel, Chugiak (homeschool, IDEA program), 'A Fine Place to Live.'

Honorable Mention: James Ayers, Anchorage (Holy Rosary Academy), 'A Picture of Eloquence'; Elliott Peterson, Anchorage (Dimond High School), 'Reflections'; Rim Jae Lee, Anchorage (East High School), 'Tomi's Wife.'

Judges: Mark Dudick, Donna Freedman.


Winner: Clare Baldwin, Wasilla (Colony High School), 'Sophie.'

Honorable Mention: Rim Jae Lee, Anchorage (East High School), 'Buddhist Dance.'

Judges: Barbara Brown, Michael Catoggio, Sandy Harper, Martin Palmer.


Winner: Chad Harpel, Eagle River (Chugiak High School), 'Championship?'

Honorable Mention: Courtney Duffin, Anchorage (West High School), 'The Exclusionary Rule'; Vanessa Westdahl, Anchorage (Dimond High), 'My Life.'

Judges: Mike Carey, Natalie Phillips.

Grades 7-9


Winner: Brandon McElroy, Anchorage (Goldenview Middle School), 'Smoke and Mirrors.'

Honorable Mention: Andrea Bartel, Eagle River (Gruening Middle School), 'Untitled'; Lindsey Heiserman, Wasilla (Colony Middle School), 'Fiction Story'; Cheyenne Brown, Girdwood (Dimond High School), 'A Calling of Dragons'; Natalie Beach, Palmer (Colony Middle School), 'A Father's Return.'

Judges: Melissa DeVaughn, Sandi Gerjevic, Don Hunter, Susan Morgan, Peter Porco.


Winner: Ellen Bauer,Homer (Magpie Academy), 'Hiding in the Mask.'

Honorable Mention: Jamie Moser, Anchorage (Dimond High), 'Yellow'; Susannah Howard, Talkeetna (Su-Valley High School), 'A General Summary of Eighth Grade'; Alice Hurn, Anchorage (Romig Middle School), 'Golden Leaves'; Ella Francione, Anchorage (East High School), 'No Pain, No Glory';

Judges: Shari Douglas, Patricia Kennish, Vicki Radonich.


Winner: Magdi Jacobs, Anchorage (Steller Secondary School), 'My Grandmother.'

Honorable Mention: Sienna Houtte, Palmer (Palmer High School), 'The Beach'; William Elliott, Wasilla (Wasilla High School), 'Why I Write'; Jennifer Shine, Anchorage (Dimond High School), 'Why Now?'

Judges: Mark Dent, T.C. Mitchell, Rosemary Shinohara.

Grades 4-6


Winner: Rachel Beatty, Sterling (Sterling Elementary School), 'Animal Girl.'

Honorable Mention: Morgana Willis, Anchorage (Lake Otis Elementary School), 'The Tree and Sherlock'; Kate Monfore, Eagle River (Eagle River Elementary School), 'The Night I Followed Weaver'; Samantha Huf, Kenai (Mountain View Elementary School), 'Why the Wolf Howls at the Moon'; Elizabeth Dyment, Sterling (Sterling Elementary School), 'A New Beginning'; Amanda Creiglow, Anchorage (Polaris K-12 School), 'Why?'

Judges: Jake Arnold, Cathy Carpenter, Elizabeth Manning, Warren Rhodes.


Winner: Jordan O'Connell, Eagle River (Rogers Park Elementary), 'The River is a Road.'

Honorable Mention: Sarah Woerman, Anchorage (Kasuun Elementary School), 'Silent Is the Wood'; Greg Mete Jr., Kodiak (Peterson Elementary School), 'Who Am I?'

Judges: Lynn Childs, Debbie Cutler, Jennifer Summers.


Winner: Hannah VanHoose, Eagle River (Homestead Elementary School), 'Death.'

Honorable Mention: Brittany Osland, Soldotna (Redoubt Elementary School), 'My Best Dog'; Wyatt Dupps, Willow (Willow Elementary School), 'The Lost Loon Chick'; Robert Stein, Sitka (Verstovia Elementary School), 'The Julie Hughes Triathalon'; Whitney Rysdyk, Soldotna (Redoubt Elementary School), 'The Thirsty Moose.'

Judges: Karen Aho, Lisa Demer.

Grades 3-Under


Winner: Maggie Rose McGuire, Anchorage (Inlet View Elementary School), 'The Witch's Cat.'

Honorable Mentions: Eli Schoenberg, Anchorage (Bowman Elementary School), 'How the Walrus Got His Tusks'; Meghan Bill, Palmer (Academy Charter School), 'The Winter Swan.'

Judges: Peter Dunlap-Shohl, Martha Upicksoun, Linda Sievers.


Winner: Kellen MacFadyen, Anchorage (Bowman Elementary School), 'Me Myself and I.'

Honorable Mention: Nine students (class poem), Gateway School for Dyslexic Children, Anchorage, 'Old Narnia'; Katelyn Duncan, Anchorage (Rogers Park Elementary School), 'Aurora Borealis'; Rachel Markwood, Anchorage (Gladys Wood Elementary School), 'In the Snow of Alaska'; Khristina Knapp, Anchorage (Chugach Optional School), 'Raven.'

Judges: Kim Holm, Jola Morris, Lacey Morris.


Winner: Joshua Partridge, Soldotna (Soldotna Elementary School), 'My Favorite Place.'

Honorable Mention: Lucas Sarwas, Anchorage (Chugach Optional School), 'The Day We Went to Mexico'; Toni Smith, Palmer (homeschool, CyberLynx program), 'Katie, My Sister'; Kyle Mead, Soldotna (K-Beach Elementary School), 'On My Way to Oregon.'

Judges: Molly Brown, Gene Gilbert.

Grand Prize Judges: George Bryson, Gretchen Legler, Kathleen McCoy, Ron Spatz.

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