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17th Annual Creative Writing Contest, 1998
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Winner: Rebecca Nations , Palmer, Colony Middle School, "The Courier ."

Editor's Choice

Winner: Dawn Baumann Brunke, Wasilla, "Before She Was the Queen of Syrup ."

Open to the Public


Winner: Dawn Baumann Brunke, Wasilla, "Before She Was the Queen of Syrup."

Honorable Mention: William Blanchard, Anchorage, "Last Bequest"; Andrew Wills, Homer, "To the Sea"; Robert Raven, Anchorage, "The Laughter of Water"; Joyce Bamberger, Anchorage, "The Minyan"; Barbara Brown, Anchorage, "More or Less"; Marie McCarty, Fritz Creek, "108 Chelsea."

Judges: Richard Chiappone, Joann Congdon, Anne Doubesant, Nancy Lord.


Winner: David McElroy, Anchorage, "Palimpsest."

Honorable Mention: Deborah Tobola, Anchorage, "On leaping empty-handed into the void"; Tracy Philpot, Seldovia, "for tracy"; Augie Kochuten, Unalaska, "Aleutian Lullaby"; LaVon Bridges, Anchorage, "The Icon."

Judges: Scott Anderson, Erin Dovichin, Arlitia Jones, Tom Sexton.


Winner: Andromeda Romano-Lax, Anchorage, "Learning to See Birds."

Honorable Mention: Lucy Collins, Anchorage, "The Advisability of Having an Older Brother -- a Memoir"; Jeff Fair, Anchorage, "Finding Spirit"; Linda Hoover, Anchorage, "The price of a meal"; Betty Goddard, Anchor Point, "Taking Turns."

Judges: Sandi Gerjevic, Doug O'Harra, Natalie Phillips



Winner: Stacy Lynn Smith, Anchorage (UAA), "Dust Mites."

Honorable Mention: Stacy Lynn Smith, Anchorage (UAA), "Shirts, Not People."

Judges: Sarah Birdsall, Doug O'Harra.


Winner: Karen Kavana, Anchorage (UAA), "Texas Two-Step."

Honorable Mention: Susan Gardner Dillon, Homer (UAA), "Breaking Bones, Breaking Bread"; Susan Alexander Derrera, Anchorage (UAA), "The 4-Year Old Studies Mummies"; Jeannie Bench, Anchorage (UAA), "A Theory for Middle Age"; Matthew Oliphant, Anchorage (Alaska Pacific University), "Untitled"; Karen Arai, Anchorage (UAA), "Retrospect to North York, Toronto, circa 1936."

Judges: Ann Chandonnet, Sheila Nickerson.


Winner: Marti Bradley, Anchorage (Wayland Baptist College), "Autumn in Alaska."

Honorable Mention: Victoria Kondor, Anchorage (UAA), "Aunt Mary"; Jeanna Hawkins, Palmer (UAA), "The Honeymoon with Only One Murder"; Sunny Remmy, Anchorage (UAA), "Checking out the Boys."

Judges: Rosemary Shinohara, David Hulen.

High School (10-12)


Winner: James Kracker, Palmer (Palmer High School), "Arioch."

Honorable Mention: Meghan Planchon, Anchorage (Steller), "Recently."

Judges: Robert Clark, Donna Freedman, Lin Hampson, Tara Wreyford.


Winner: Bryan Smith, Anchorage (Service High School), "Humble, Grey Houses."

Honorable Mention: Dan Reese, Anchorage (Steller Alternative School), "Mothers, lie to your children"; Hannah Flor, Petersburg (Petersburg High School), "Water Heart (For Pablo Neruda)"; Rim-Jae Lee, Anchorage (East High School), "Landscape"; Nancy Slagle, Two Rivers (North Pole High School), "Fleeting Glory"; Sheila Vent, Huslia (Jimmy Huntington School), "Graduation Day."

Judges: Michael Catoggio, Sandy Harper, Martin Palmer.


Winner: Ellie Swanson, Anchorage (Steller Alternative School), "New Kid."

Honorable Mention: David Woods II, Anchorage (East High School), "Mountain View"; Amanda Denn, Anchorage (East High School), "Death of a Cat."

Judges: Mark Dudick, Tom Mitchell, Kim Severson.

Junior High (7-9)


Winner: Becca Nations, Palmer (Colony Middle School), "The Courier."

Honorable Mention: Jessica Wright, Anchorage (Mears Middle School), "Edibility"; Allison Duncan, Anchorage (Goldenview Middle School), "The Lavender Pearl Necklace"; Brandon McElroy, Anchorage (Goldenview Middle School), "Walking Home"; Andrea Wilson, Anchorage (Goldenview Middle School), "The Seventh Year."

Judges: Lynn Childs, Kaylene Johnson, Connie Jones, Jennifer Summers.


Winner: Clare Baldwin, Palmer (Colony High School), "Italian Villas."

Honorable Mention: Melissa McNulty, Trapper Creek (Su Valley Jr./Sr. High School), "Trapped"; Donna Freeman, Anchorage (Polaris K-12 School), "My Room"; Elizabeth Bolling, Anchorage (Mears Middle School), "Nature"; Kara Van Kooten, Anchorage (Grace Christian School), "Mirrors Reflect."

Judges: Shari Douglas, Patricia Kennish, Vicki Radonich.


Winner: Crystal Edwards, Anchorage (Clark Middle School), "Foster Care."

Honorable Mention: Kimberly Benson, Kenai (Kenai Central High School), "Things to Do"; Kalynn Johnson, Anchorage (Clark Middle School), "Violence Doesn't Solve Anything"; Emily Remillard, Eagle River (Homeschool), "A Day in Seward"; Sarah Campen, Sitka (Blatchley Middle School), "Indian River"; Claire Knudsen-Latta, Anchorage (Central Middle School), "Turning the Year."

Judges: Larry Campbell, Lisa Demer, Don Hunter, Frank Gerjevic.

Elementary (4-6)


Winner: Anna Barnwell, Anchorage (Bowman Elementary School), "A Square in the Quilt."

Honorable Mentions: Ellen Bauer, Homer (Homer Charter School), "The Other Way to Listen"; Miranda Cortez, Anchorage (Chinook Elementary School), "A Grain of Sand"; Laura Steffens, Anchorage (Northern Lights ABC School), "Baseball"; Alexa Koenings, Juneau (Floyd Dryden Middle School), "The Gonda Diamond."

Judges: Cathy Carpenter, Mike Dunham, Susan Morgan, Peter Porco.


Winner: Matthew N.K. Smith, Chugiak (Eagle River Elementary School), "Chess."

Honorable Mention: Susannah Ross, Anchorage (St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School), "Lost City"; Joan Tasker, Anchorage (Sand Lake Elementary School), "Waves"; Laura Steffens, Anchorage (Northern Lights ABC School), "Fourth of July."

Judges: Eric Burkett, Pamela Dunlap-Shohl, Jola Morris, Sonya Senkowsky.


Winner: Brianne Purcella, Anchorage (Rabbit Creek Elementary), "Regata, My Story."

Honorable Mention: Fernando McKelvey-Page, Talkeetna (Talkeetna Elementary School), "Running Away from Home."

Judges: Tom Bell, Helen Jung.

Elementary K-3


Winner: Andrew Lyle, Anchorage (College Gate Elementary), "Angels' Pride."

Honorable Mentions: Margo Reeve Werner, Anchorage (Polaris K-12 School), "Mumphis"; Dayna Butcher, Anchorage (Polaris K-12 School), "Plant and Water."

Judges: Erik Hill, Linda Sievers, Elsie Wertz.


Winner: Maggie Rose McGuire, Anchorage (Turnagain Elementary School), "Autumn."

Honorable Mention: Samantha Williams, Sitka (Verstovia Elementary School), "Waiting"; Caleb Reed, Anchorage (Gladys Wood Elementary School), "My Sister"; Emily Cohn, Anchorage (Chugach Elementary School), "The Train"; Lauren Bell, Homer (West Homer Elementary School), "Hopelessness."

Judges: Carol Ausdahl, Meghan Pembleton, Danielle Stanton.


Winner: Benjamin Landis, Barrow (Ipalook Elementary School), "Time."

Honorable Mention: Katelyn Duncan, Anchorage (Rogers Park Elementary School), "My Summer Vacation of 1997"; James Musich, Nome (Nome Adventist School), "Half and Half."

Judges: Martha Feenstra, Lisa Scagliotti.

Grand Prize Judges: George Bryson, Linda McCarriston, Kathleen McCoy, Ron Spatz.

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