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Men of the Shangukeidi from Klukwan

"Men of the Shangukeidi from Klukwan," the 1907 image shows three brothers, identified as "Old Headmen of the Kak-Von-Tons [Kaagwaantaan] of the Chilkat Tribe." Photographers Case & Draper inscribed the following names on the photo, from left, "Ka-Sh-Ak, the Monkeyman; Skan-Doo, Notorious Old Medicine Man; Ind-A-Yanek (Swatka), the Famous Indian Guide." More recently the brothers' Tlingit names and clan were recorded courtesy of Harold Jacobs. They are, from left, Kaalgéi, Sx'andu.oo and Swáatk'i (Yindayáank'). Alaska State Library.

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