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Return to:   Bookmark Gallery - The Z. J. Loussac Public Library featured an exhibition of Bookmark Art. It is a unique gallery of twenty-two bookmark-size, original art with literary and library themes by Alaskan artists.
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Vintage Books of the Northn by Chris Parker
The bookmark features some of the books from my personal collection. I especially love the old Alaskan novels. They may not have glitzy, glossy covers, but they feature lovely embossing and rich cover designs. I don't simply collect them, I love to read them! The stories are captivating and intriguing; I feel as if I am there. Each book gives insight into life in the North as it once was, with all of its adventures, challenges, and triumphs. Loussac Library houses a terrific selection of old novels in the Alaska wing. Sometimes I enjoy just perusing through the cover art. With my bookmark, I hope to pass on a genuine curiosity and appreciation for the old books of the North. For me, they are precious and a pure pleasure!

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