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Steamer Queen at Haines Mission, Alaska, en route to the Klondike


Title taken from caption. "9291 -- The good ship 'Queen,' after passing the 'Seminole,' sped on to Skagway, discharged her freight and passengers and then returned to Portage Cove just as the reindeer ship was dropping anchor, on March 27th. Furious gales sometimes sweep down between the massive granite walls which enclosed the Lynn Canal, rendering navigation difficult and often dangerous. Portage Cove, upon which Haines Mission is situated, affords the safest anchorage ground on the canal. It would be difficult to find a locality of more fascinating and impressive grandeur. The rippling waters of the cove stretch away three miles to the rugged walls of the opposite shore of the canal, and on every hand tower the snow-capped, granite giants as if appealing for divine recognition. While endeavoring to comprehend the immensity of the stupendous panorama there presented, the observer cannot but feel that when our American tourists have wearied with Norway and the Alps, they may with confidence hope to find more varied, extensive and inspiring creations of the Supreme Architect in those silent Alaskan mountains mantled in eternal snow, with their mighty glaciers of azure blue perched with threatening aspect upon the brows of towering crags, or creeping with measured pace to the bosom of the sea." Copyright, 1900, by B. L. Singley.

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