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Return to:   Austin Eugene "Cap" Lathrop, 1865-1950 - One of Alaska's most successful businessmen was a Wisconsin farm boy named Austin Eugene "Cap" Lathrop.
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Seventh Alaska Legislature House of Representatives, Juneau, Alaska, Apr. 30th, 1925


Title taken from image. Verso: (l. to r.) Unknown, Unknown, William L. Paul, Cap Lathrop, Thomas Jensen, Unknown, W.D. Grant, Unknown, Henry Morton, Charles H. Wilcox, Laurence Kerr, Father Kashevaroff, Harry G. Watson, Unknown, Unknown, Joseph H. Murray, Hosea H. Ross, Robt. E. Sheldon, J.E. Pegues, Unknown, Unknown. Additional members of the 1925 House: John J. Elliott, C.B. Ferguson, Benjamin A. Grier, N.O. Hardy, George C. Moody, Andy Nylen, William A. Sherman, Richard Sundquist.

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