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Return to:   Warren G. Harding - On June 20, 1923, President Harding and the First Lady (Florence Kling Harding) embarked on a speaking tour through the West and into Alaska.
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President Harding and the Arctic Brotherhood


President Harding and party leaving the Arctic Brotherhood, a fraternal organization whose motto is "No Boundary Line Here." Camp Skagway #1, 1889. The Arctic Brotherhood conferred their degree on the President. 7/30/1923 (Times Wide World Photos). Verso: "The Chief Executive Becomes a Member of the Arctic Brotherhood: President Harding And His Party Walking Through the Streets of Skagway, Where Not Even the Noonday Crowd Has Gathered, After the President Had Joined the Fraternal Organization Whose Motto Is 'No Boundary Line Here.'" Signs in image: City Bakery and Coffee House, Films-Curios.

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