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Return to:   George W. Gasser - George W. Gasser was a 32-year-old bachelor when he left Kansas to accept a job in Sitka with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
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20th Territorial Legislature, House of Representatives, Juneau, Alaska, Jan., 1951

Verso: Speaker: Wm A. Egan, Asst Cleark: Flora Woodworth, Clerk: Margaret Grisham, Sgt at Arms: Doug Wahto. Front row (l. to r.): C. Chester Carlson, Stanley McCutcheon, Frank Johnson, Vernon Metcalfe, Geo. P. Madsen. Second row (l. to r.): Glen Franklin, C.A. Pollard, James K. Wells, Andrew Hope, Frank Degnan, Jack Scavenius. Third row (l. to r.): Wendell Kay, J.S. MacKinnon, Waino Hendrickson, Alden Wilbur, Geo. Gasser, Jack Conright.Back row (l. to r.): Ed Locken, W.W. Laws, Doris Barnes. Alaska State Library - Historical Collections.

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