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Return to:   Andrew Nerland, 1870-1956 - Andrew Nerland was an entrepreneur, ever ready for adventure and gifted with good business sense.
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Grand Igloo, Juneau, 1931

Verso: Front row (l. to r.): Wm. Jarman, A.J. Dimond, Erick Fores, Cal. M. Brosius, J.T. Spickett, H.R. Shepard, Mrs. Phillips. Middle row (l. to r.): U.S. Norton, Gertrude Laughlin, Andy Nyland, Geo. J. Love, Jno. Reck, Rev. C.E. Rice, P.G. Charles, H.H. McCutcheon, Lottie Spickett, Mrs. McCutcheon. Back row (l. to r.): H.B. LeFevre, Elmer Reed, Andrew Nerland, A.J. Lomen, F. Wolland, S.H. Burgh, J.E. Johnson, Jos. McDonald, Jno. W. Dunn, Mrs. Gildea.  Alaska State Library - Historical Collections.

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