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Return to:   Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith - The notorious "Soapy" Smith and his outlaw band fleeced the innocent and the foolish as they passed through town en route to the Klondike.
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People stand by entrance below sign

Signs in image: "Tonight-big-show: The-Six-Gay-Paree-Girls. Burlesque. Peoples Theatre. Glove Contest Friday April 8, Kid Gallagher, Dick Agnew of California, 'The Black Prince,' W. Hooper, Liout C.L. Vale. Buy a drink at the bar and walk in. Spokane Wash, week commencing Monday, March 21, '98. Prince Muro Acrobatic Marvel M'lle Dashall The Demon's Realm. The Owl Theatre 14th & Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, WA. Monday March 28, 1898. Take a peak at this bill: The Levinos 'The Rival Arts' Susie, Dolph." Alaska State Library - Historical Collections.

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