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Death of Soapy Smith

Collection of photographs related to the duel between Soapy Smith and Frank Reid, and the running out of town of Soapy Smith's gang. Many of the photographs appear to be from Case & Draper. Caption reads: "The tragedy of the death of 'Soapy Smith' and Frank Reid at Skaguay Alaska who fought a duel up there in the latter part of the summer of 1898. Soapy Smith died in one hour and Frank Reid lived for 9 days, Smith was a gambler, saloon keeper and had a bad gang around him. Later 14 of these bad characters were shewn a rope & made to leave the town. Sacks of gold dust had on several occasions disappeared from hotels & other places." Explanation reads: "See under this sheet Explanation of this shooting affair July 8th 1898 according to the numbered small pictures No 1. Public funeral of Frank Reid who died for the honor of our town. No 2. Frank Reid civil engineer & school teacher at Bishop Row (Rowe ?) Hospital Skaguay after he was shot. No 3. Burial of Reid two miles above Skagway. No 4. Soapy Smith Marshall of the day on his fine horse leading big parade on July 4th 1898. Four days prior to his being killed. No 5. Soapy Smith after death -- July 8 - 1898. No 6. Judge Shelbrede of Skaguay. No 7. Examination of Smith in hospital just after being shot Dr. Whiting sitting at left. No 8. Miner called 'Skaguay' with his big poke of gold dust found in woodshed back of Soapy Smiths Saloon. No 9. Extracting bullet from Smiths body. 10. Marshall Shoup. No 11. four of Smiths gang, names given above each. No 12. Rounding up the Soapy Smith gang in front of our store and bunk house. No 13. 10 of Smiths gang of whome [sic] picture was taken there as they stand on the Moore Wharf ready to be sent out of Alaska back to the states where they first came from, one was hoisted few feet with rope by the neck & let down again." Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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