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Peer Work

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The Volcano
By Kash Fortune
Genre: Fiction Level: Elementary K-3
Category: UAA/ADN Creative Writing Contest

Once upon a time there was a little town near a volcano.  There was a house on the volcano, it was a little house.  Luke was the man that lived in the house.  One day Luke went to the store, to get things to make a batch of cookies.  When he was walking up the volcano to get to his house, he tripped on a rock and dropped his groceries into the volcano.  The volcano started to shake.  No more than ten minutes later, cookies erupted from the volcano, already mixed and already baked.  It rained cookies all over the town, and the whole town, especially Luke, was very, very happy.

From then on, if anyone in the town wanted to do some baking, they went to the top of the volcano and threw in their ingredients.

The End

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