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The Sea Voyage
By Kyle Fischer
Genre: Fiction Level: Elementary K-3
Category: UAA/ADN Creative Writing Contest


Chapter 1: The Voyage

Once there were three sons. Their Dad was the King of England. One day when he went to work, the three boys built a boat. First, they got the materials, then they made the boat. The next day, when their Dad went to work again, they sailed off into the unknown. When their Dad came home, he didn’t know where the boys had gone. He wondered if they were at sea. If they were, they would be in danger because there was a storm coming. He asked everybody, but none of them had seen the three boys.

            Meanwhile, the boys were happily sailing past a rock. Suddenly, there was a CRACK. The boat had hit the rock and there was a big hole in the side of the boat. Water poured in. Quickly, the oldest of the boys told everybody to get off. Then he lowered the anchor so the boat wouldn’t sail away. Then he jumped on the rock too. All of the boys looked around. They were a few feet from a small island. Maybe all of the boys could jump to it. They decided to try. The oldest tried first. He jumped, but he didn’t jump far enough and he fell underwater, out of sight.

            One of the other boys said “I’ll get him”.

            “No” said the last boy, but he was already underwater.

Chapter 2: The Boy (Max)

The only boy left called to the boys but he didn’t hear anything. He looked down at the water. He saw both of the boys being held down by a fourth boy. The boy had a paper that wasn’t getting wet. He thought the boy was a magician. He said, “Hey you, Magician, Let my brother’s go!”

            The boy looked up and swam to the surface with the brothers. “What?” said the boy

            “Give my brothers back!” He said in an angry voice.

            “You’re Brothers? I didn’t know they were your brothers. I thought they were trespassers in my bay.”

            “This is your bay?” asked the boy.

            “Yes” said the other boy.

            “I saw a paper that wasn’t getting wet. How did it stay dry?”

            “It is magic” said the boy.

            “Can you help us get to the island?” asked the boy

            “Yes, I can make an invisible bridge with my paper.”

            “Then please do it.” said the youngest brother

So the boy wished there was a bridge. Then there was a BOOM. And there was a bridge.

Chapter 3: The Fixing of the Boat

            “What is your name?” asked the three boys.

            “My name is Max. What are your names?”

            “My name is Fredrick, and his name is Henry, and this last boy’s name is Luke.”

            “Good names” said Max

            “Thanks” said the brothers.

            “Let’s go to my camp.” said Max. When they got to the woods, Max said “Here it is”

            “But where is it?” said Luke. Max pointed up. There was a tree house.

            “But there is no way up.” said Luke

            “Yes there is,” said Max “I can use my paper.” So Max wished for a ladder. Then there was a BOOM! and there was a ladder. All of the boys climbed up but there were a bunch of people with swords and lances and shields.

            “OH NO!,” said Max, “Those are the ones that kidnapped my Mom and Dad! RUN Luke, Henry and Fredrick!” The bad guys fired their weapons but they were too late. The boys had already ducked. Max got a cut on the top of his head. The kidnappers came down to see if they had hit any of the boys. They climbed down from the tree house and left their stuff on the ground. When they left their stuff on the ground right away the boys got the weapons. Then the kidnappers looked up and saw knives, swards, and lances.

            “RETREAT” said the leader of the kidnappers. The kidnappers ran into the forest screaming.

            “They think we are following them. Let’s go up and get the tools to fix the boat” said Henry. First they went across the bridge. Max had the hammer, wood and nails. The rest of the boys did not have anything. This got them mad. They jumped on Max and wrestled him to the ground. They pushed him into the boat and stole his tools. Then they started to fix the boat.

Chapter 4: The Revenge

Max was very mad at Henry, Luke, and Fredrick. He got his paper and wished that they would never bother him again. Then he destroyed the rock and the boat and the island but he wished he could fly. The other boys, Luke, Henry and Fredrick, were all spluttering under the water. They were swimming with all their might. Finally they saw an island from under the water. They were very relieved. They began swimming slower but then Henry saw a blue thing swimming towards them.

            “A SHARK!” said Henry, “Quick get to the island.” Now there were millions of sharks around them. Finally, they got to the new island but they couldn’t get on the island above water. They weren’t getting very far. The sharks were coming closer and closer. The boys cried for help but no one came. Finally, the got up to the island but the sharks came too. They ran but the sharks turned into eagles and they were fast eagles.

            The three boys thought Max wasn’t on the island because Max would already have helped them if he was. But he was on the island. He was sitting on a tree watching them. He wasn’t planning for those Hiphorgrophers to chase them. He decided to help them because he didn’t like the Hiphorgrophers so he wished those Hiphogrophers were dead. In case you are wondering, Hiphogrophers can change shape from sharks to eagles or anything else. There was a BOOM, and the Hiphorgrophers lay dead. The three boys stopped running. They looked relieved and confused.

            “Why are you confused” Maxed shouted down from above in the tree. The boys looked up. Now they weren’t so confused. They were confused because they didn’t know how the Hiphographers had died. Now they new Max had done it.

            Max came down. “sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to do that to you with the Hiphorgrophers.”

Chapter 5: The Surprise Attack

            “It’s okay,” said all of the other boys.

            “But why did you get so mad,” said Fredrick.

            “Well, because you were attacking me.” said Max.

            “Sorry we did that,” said the three boys. Suddenly, the forest filled with screeching and thousands of the kidnappers and many more filled the clearing. Then the ground started to open and more kidnappers appeared. Then the sky was wild with swooping birds. There were even more kidnappers on them.

            “Oh, NO!,” said Max. “My paper can’t defeat all these kidnappers!” Max, Fredrick, Luke and Henry stood trembling in the middle of the clearing.

            “Hide, we have to hide,” said Max. They scattered in all directions as all of the kidnappers charged. Fredrick hid under the roots of a tree and so did Luke. But Henry didn’t find a hiding spot and he was out in the open. The kidnappers had captured him and they were bringing him on one of the birds.

            “Oh no”, said Luke, “we have to help Henry.” The bird started flying.

            “No!” said Fredrick. Luke and Fredrick ran out of their hiding spot and ran to Henry right as the bird flew off. “NO!” said Fredrick and Luke as the bird flew off. They chased it and finally the bird stopped and flew to a house. Then the bird opened the door with it’s beak and went in.

Chapter 6: The Deadly Battle

Henry and Fredrick followed the bird as it went into the kitchen. It put Luke down and got the stove burning.

            “Oh no!” whispered Henry, “that bird is going to roast Luke! We have to help him.” Fredrick and Henry quickly went to the kitchen and they were about to grab Luke when the bird turned around. The bird glared at them, then the bird pounced on them.

            “Oh no!” they cried. The bird put them in a different room and locked it. Then it began putting some broth into a pot.

            “What are we going to do now?” Luke said. “I think I have a piece of wire in my pocket. I might be able to pick the lock.” He pulled out the wire and started trying to pick the lock. In twenty five minutes they opened the door to the room, but suddenly a bunch of people jumped at them.

Picture shows boys escaping out from under the pile of people who jumped on them.

            “We have to get Max now.” said Luke when they got out of the house. “If we don’t the kidnappers might break the magic paper.”

            “Let’s go.” Henry said. When they got to where Max was they saw someone: a bad guy with the paper. He was wishing that in ten minutes all of the magic papers, including this one, would be destroyed.

            “We have to stop that person.” said Fredrick. They quickly grabbed the paper and wished they could go back in time to when the paper was made. There was a BOOM, and they were in the place where the magic paper was made. Then they wished that the paper would never be destroyed and there was another BOOM. The three boys wished they could be back where they were before. Then there was a Boom and they were back in the clearing. Then there was another BOOM but nothing happened because it was the boom of the paper being destroyed but it couldn’t now be destroyed. The person that had wished the paper was going to be destroyed was very mad. He wanted it to work very bad. He started getting madder and madder. Then the anger burst out of him and he started to fight the three boys. Soon more of the kidnappers came and helped the first kidnapper. The three boys were getting tired but the kidnappers weren’t. Soon Luke couldn’t fight anymore and was too tired. Then Henry dropped out. It was all up to Fredrick. Fredrick wasn’t very tired but he wasn’t used to fighting. He didn’t protect himself so he wasn’t doing very good. The kidnappers charged Fredrick one more time, but Fredrick charged too and knocked all but one kidnapper down. Fredrick took this chance to charge again. Now he was on top of all the bad guys.

            “We surrender!” cried the kidnappers. But the kidnappers still had the paper.

Chapter 7: Mac Comes Back

            Some time passed. Luke remembered about Max. He had forgotten about him. Suddenly, the trees rustled and Max came out. He had a bunch of scrapes on his head.

            “What happened,” said Luke.

            “They got me!” said Max.

            “Who got you?”

            “The kidnappers!” said Max.

            “They did?!” said Luke. “Do you have the paper?”

            “No, they took it and went away with it in a boat.”

            “We have to get it back.” said Henry. “If you don’t they will rule the Land”.

            “I know I have to get it. But they went into the sea, so I can’t get to the boat.”

            “I’ll make you one.” said Henry.

            “But they have a big head start and I’ll never get them in time because they only have to go to the other island which is only about six miles from here.”

            “I’ll still try to make a boat. They might stop at the island before they get the power. We still can try.”

            “Okay,” said Max. “I’ll get my stuff ready.”

Chapter 8: The Voyage

            Henry started making the boat while Max was getting ready. First Henry cut down two trees and cut them up to make the materials. Then he got some nails and a hammer. When Henry was finished with the boat, Max got into it and started off. Max was worried that there was going to be a storm and there was. Soon some dark clouds were coming over the sea. Soon the rain came down very hard. The wind was blowing very hard and his tiny boat tipped over.

            “Help!” he cried, but nobody was near. Finally he saw a rock. He swam as far as he could to it. If he got to it he would be safe for at least about six minutes. He got to the rock and hung on to it with all his might. Then he heard a howl. He thought it was a wolf howl, but he wasn’t sure. Then the storm died down and he looked around. He was on an island. Then he noticed there were no other boats there. It might mean the other people were not here yet. Then he walked forward and he looked down and saw a wolf pack. But only one of the wolves were alive. It was a baby. The baby looked confused. The baby wolf sensed someone on the hill. He looked up and thought Max was giving him food and he wagged his tail. Max went down the hill and looked at the cub, then he pulled out some of his meat and gave it to the cub. The cub wagged his tail. Then max heard a boat wash up on the shore. The kidnappers were here. He heard one of them say “He’ll really be surprised when he finds out there’s no more magic paper for him.”

            Max would have to get in action. First, he went where he thought the kidnappers would go and hid behind a tree. Then he thought of a place to get the kidnappers. When he thought of a plan he got in the right place and got ready.

Chapter 9: Max Gets the Paper

            This was his plan: he was going to climb up on a tree and throw sticks down on the kidnappers. Then he would take his knife with his wood scratcher. Then he would attack when the kidnappers came. He started throwing sticks at them. The first stick hit one of them on the nose. He ran howling off. The next hit somebody on the head and he looked up. Max threw another one at him and it him the kidnappers right on the face. He ran off screaming, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Help! Help!”. Now there were only five kidnappers left. The first kidnapper had the paper.  All of the kidnappers now thought someone was attacking them, so they all got in a circle around the kidnapper who had the paper. Max thought it was time make a new knife out of wood so he wouldn’t waste his own knife. Just as he started scraping the kidnapper heard him and they looked up and saw him. The kidnapper with the paper said “GO GET HIM!”. The other kidnappers surrounded the tree.  Max climbed up and up. Finally he got to the top of the tree. He was stuck. The kidnapper was a few feet away. Then right as the kidnapper was about to get him, Max sawed the tree and with out thinking what he was doing jumped to another tree and then he was done with his knife. He threw it at the kidnapper who was chasing him. The knife hit his head, ricashaed of his head and hit the kidnapper with the paper. The paper flew out of his hands and he fell back. Max reached out of the tree and grabbed the magic paper. Then he ran to his boat and rowed away. When he was in the middle of the sea he heard some voices. He looked back and saw all of the kidnappers rowing towards him. He started rowing as fast as he could but the kidnappers were gaining on him. Then there was a bump and the kidnappers boat hit Max’s boat. Quickly all of the kidnappers jumped on Max’s boat! The first kidnappers jumped at Max. Max ducked and the kidnapper went howling into the sea.

Chapter 10: The Rain Filled Cloud

            Max was very worried when the next kidnapper came with a sword and a shield. He lunged at Max. Max jumped to the side as the kidnapper sliced the air right next to Max’s head. The kidnapper fell down. As quickly as he could, Max pushed the kidnapper off the boat. Now there was only one kidnapper left. He had a sword and shield too. Just as the last kidnapper was about to strike, there was a BOOM because Max had remembered about the paper. He was so scared, he had wished he was back at the island with Henry, Luke and Fredrick.

            When Max got there, Luke and Henry were sleeping, but Fredrick was awake waiting for him. Fredrick woke Luke and Henry.

            “He’s here” said Fredrick. “It’s time to go home.” Just then a cloud blocked out the sun and then it burst. Rain poured down on them. It rained and rained and never stopped, but finally, they got to their boat and started off.

Chapter 11: They All Came Back

            When they were a quarter of the way, Max saw something stirring in the water.

            “What’s that?” he said. then Henry looked.

            “It’s the Sea Monster! Quick, turn the boat!” But before they could do anything, the Sea Monster rouse out of the water. When it saw them it put down its head and went into the water again.

            “It’s going to go under our boat and capsize it!” Said Luke. Max turned the boat and pulled the motor full speed ahead. Max looked back. The Monster was right behind them and gaining.

            “Help! What can we do?” cried Max.

            “I don’t know?” said Luke. Then their motor ran out of gas.  

            “Oh no!” said Fredrick, “What can we do?”

            “I have an idea.” said Henry. “Does anyone have a rope?”

            “I have a rope,” said Fredrick, “but why do you need it?”

            “This is the plan. See that tree? We’re going to lasso that tree over there and pull the boat over there. Okay?” said Henry.

            “There’s only one problem, nobody knows how to lasso.” said Luke

            “I do,” said Fredrick. “I took lassoing from Bob. Remember?”

            “Oh yeah” said Luke. “I remember. Let’s do it.” So Fredrick got ready and threw the rope. He got the tree and started pulling as fast as he could. Finally the boat got to the shore. The Sea Monster went back in the sea. All of the boys got in their boat and sailed off towards home.









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