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Peer Work

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By Damion Musgrove

I ran quickly and glanced behind me.  I could hear the count down...7...6...5...  My mind was racing...4...3...2...1.  I whipped around and jumped through a doorway.

          I closed the door as quietly as I could.  It was dark and musty.  I was breathing loudly.  I tried to stifle my breath.  No use.  I shifted my position.  Shadows began forming in the light, creeping under the door.  My breath finally slowed to a steady pace.  I could feel it pounding.

          Walking outside the door, I closed my eyes.  It took effort just make sure I didn't move.  My eyes opened. Voices came from outside.  One of the shadows stopped in front of the door.  Slowly the doorknob turned.  The door flew open and I heard my sister yell triumphantly, "Found you!"  I chuckled as I stepped out of the closet.

          "My turn." 

My sister turned and ran down the hallway as I began to count.

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