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Peer Work

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Housing Transience
By Crystal Luddington

Housing Transience
Mountain View is a free and cultural community. This photo shows a house that sits with a story of many people moving in and out of the house/neighborhood. Why is this happening? Do we need to fix this issue, so that people can feel safe and comfortable in their own house? The answer for this issue is yes! We need to fix this problem about stable housing. Look in between the lines and see that people throughout this community do not care about fixing their home or even the street they live on because they are too busy getting out, or trying not to lose the only thing they have. No jobs or not enough pay stands big throughout housing on these streets. This relates to us by not knowing where you are going to be day by day or if you can eat tomorrow; this is the outlook on people with no care. Living together, and sticking together with your family is something that is expected or happens throughout this community. The word care doesn't come around often, so lets take an idea and turn it into something big to help stable housing on these narrow streets. Realize that it is okay if you stay. Turn a movers truck into a hand to help with pay or a program. This should happen. It rains on one side of the street and shines on the other; just because the rain is cold and ugly on the other side doesn't mean turn your back, because rain grows, shine kills, think about it. Streets on Mountain View, new graffiti sign: " iCARE; subject to overturn."

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