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Peer Work

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Our Culture
By Autumn Meloy

Our Culture
What do you see?

What I see is different colors, shapes, and sizes of a picture.

What's really happening?

What's really happening is different colors, shapes, and sizes are coming together and increasing the peace of art, culture, and that we can all live together!

How does this relate to our lives?

The fact that just because this picture has different colors, shapes and sizes and is put together just like a puzzle piece but separated in a way, does that mean we all have to be segregated all the time???

Why does this exist?

It exists because we don't realize that we hurt so many people along the way of our journey. We hurt people by not letting them cross over to different groups.  We don't care hard enough, as simple as to look at a picture and think, "Why do we do this?"


What can we do about it?

Try our best to be like this picture and change the world with just one person -- WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!

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