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Peer Work

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Bus Steps
By Autumn Meloy

Bus Steps
All my life it's been hard for people to see the real me. When I saw the steps, I decided to ascend the steps and leave the past behind and be someone new. I had a great opportunity to make something small and turn it into something bigger and better. And that opportunity was Photovoice.  When I started Photovoice I thought we were just taking pictures and then that was it, but it turned out to be something way better than when I started.  The skills I learned are seeing things in a different point of view and having the courage to trust people.

The people I met have been the people that took time to listen to me and the other people in our group. They are great supportive friends to have in my life, since I'm so young. When I joined Photovoice they were the kind of people that didn't judge me or think I was wrong for that program. They were just the same as I was but older and I really appreciate them for this great opportunity.

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