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The Car that Hated Valentine's Day
By Shannon Octuk, Sand Lake Elementary, Anchorage
Genre: Fiction Level: Elementary K-3
Year: 2010 Category: UAA/ADN Creative Writing Contest

Once upon a time, there was an unusual car. The most unusual  thing about it was it looked like an angry dog! He also had very large wings. In fact, this was a very mean car. This car hated Valentine's Day! Every Valentine's Day he would fly down from his cave, not to give happy Valentine cards, but to rip apart every single thing that had to do with Valentine's Day! Everyone began to be afraid of Valentine's Day! For even if you did your Valentine parties and gifts underground, the car would dig you and your Valentines up with his dirty wheels. 

But this year was unusual because for some reason this year the car's wings would not fly! So, the car figured that his wings were just tired. Since all the people were not allowed to open their Valentine cards and gifts until the week after Valentine's Day the car decided to let his wings rest for a day. But the next day his wings would still not fly! He decided to go to the Miracle Doctor of Vanville Town to get help.

"Doctor! Doctor! Please help me! My wings will not fly!" begged the car hopelessly.

"Hmmm. . ." said the Miracle Doctor, "I will give you three tests and then your wings will fly."

"But why tests??!!" complained the car. "Why not some magnificent medicine or special surgery?" he groaned.

The Miracle Doctor replied, "You will find out tomorrow."

The next day the car went back to the Miracle Doctor. "Okay!!" said the car unhappily, "What's the first test?"

"Okay, your first test is that you need to go buy 500 pieces of pink paper, 2,000 pieces of purple lace and 80,000 glorious red hearts," answered the Miracle Doctor.

The car complained, "But those things have to do with Valentine's Day!"

"Do it!!" bellowed the doctor.

So, the car did what he was told but he did it reluctantly. When he got back he found the Miracle Doctor very happy, "Great job, fantastic job! You passed the first test! Congratulations!" and he gave the car a bronze medal.

"I passed the first test already?" said the car happily, "This is so easy."

But then the Miracle Doctor said, "Now, make beautiful Valentine cards out of them."

"Wha. . .aht!" whined the car.

"You know what I said, now do it!" the Doctor said sternly.

So, the car completed the second test by using the Valentine paper, lace and hearts and making Valentine cards. This made the Miracle Doctor extremely happy.

"Congratulations, you passed the second test!" exclaimed the Miracle Doctor handing the car a silver medal.

"Yeah, but now I gotta do another test" said the unhappy car.

"Yep!" said the happy doctor, "Now, for your third and final test, go pass out all the Valentine cards to the people."

"Fine!" said the grumpy car stomping and spinning his wheels.

When the car returned he was very happy. "Hey! Hey! Doc, my wings are flying!" exclaimed the joyful car.

"But did you learn your lesson?" asked the Miracle Doctor.

"Huh? What lesson?" asked the confused car.

"Whatever you do, good or bad, will come back to you. If you do good, then you will get good results and if you do bad, then you will get bad results," explained the Miracle Doctor.

"Well, I kind of understand it but not fully," said the flying car.

The doctor continued, "Here, this will be your medicine, you don't need to take any pills or shots, you just need to do good and you will get good results."

"So, I need to stop doing bad?"

"Correct!" exclaimed the Miracle Doctor.

"But I have done a lot of bad. That sounds hard?" said the car.

"Oh, I have a perfect solution. I have other students coming to a class to practice good deeds. You may also come. It is on Tuesdays from 9 am to 5 pm. And before I forget, for passing the third test you may have this gold medal."

And so the car attended the classes and by the end of that year the flying car stopped being bad. He lived happily ever after doing wonderful kind deeds.

The End

About the Author: Winner, UAA/ADN Creative Writing Contest, 2010 - Fiction, Grades K-3

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