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Tanya's Letter to Lemony Snicket
By Tanya Medyanikov
Genre: Non-fiction Level: Junior 7-9
Year: 2007 Category: Letters About Literature

December 5, 2006

Dear Lemony Snicket:

I face many problems today.  There are many questions I want to ask people.  When I read The End, I thought about all my questions.  "Is it worth the time to ask so many questions if they might never be answered," I thought to myself.  Your book taught me, not only that your questions may never be answered, but also that all questions lead to new ones, just as all problems lead to new problems.

Violent, Klaus, and Sunny faced many problems in their lives too.  From the Bad Beginning to The End, the Baudelaire children faced many problems.  From the death of the loving parents to their, so called, far, far, far relative, and villain Count Olaf.  They had many questions about V.F.D. that got answered, but led to more questions such as:  are their parents still alive or why were their parents hiding everything about V.F.D.?  From this, I think that if you ask questions, only the important ones should be answered because otherwise they may lead to problems like the ones in the Baudelaire's lives.

This book relates to my Dad's life.  When my Dad was young he had a good job.  One day at work, they were all eating lunch except for one man.  This man was fixing his truck, until the truck started squishing him.  Then my Dad came to the rescue, lifted that heavy truck, and pulled the man out while holding the truck with one hand.  The problem following this problem was my Dad lying in the hospital for 45 days because he ripped some muscles.  Later on in his life, my Dad took medicine for his knees.  The problem in this situation is that the medicine caused my Dad to suffer from heart attacks.  He has had six heart attacks by the age of 47 and is still alive.  The doctors say that if he has another one he can die (which is what they said last time).  This is the reason why all the things I learned from your books made sense to me.

Life can be a risk, but God is always with us.  As you read a little earlier, my family is in a tough position.  There are 8 kids in my family, and I am the youngest.  We have made it harder for our Dad and regret doing so.  We love God, and he has helped my Dad still be alive today.  My Dad has always been there for me, and I really don't want anything to happen to him.  Although life can be a risk, it is not one when you have God there.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  I appreciate your kindness and also thank you for teaching me these useful things.  I hope to read more of your books some day.

Thank you for writing such good books!

Sincerely yours,
Tanya Medyanikov

7th Grade
Fort Greely Middle School, Delta Junction, Alaska
Teacher:  Aleta Finney

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